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Micromax releases new TVs, Washing Machines

Micromax releases new TVs, Washing Machines

Micromax has entered the burgeoning Consumer Electronics segment in India releasing two new range of appliances, Google Certified Android Televisions and Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines. The company also has an exclusive partnership with Flipkart for these new products.

All the new TVs released by Micromax (32”, 40” and 43”) come integrated with the full Google Assistant experience, same as the one present on your android phones and Google Home devices. These Google Certified TV’s come with the Play Store opening up access to the thousands of apps which offer every service imaginable. Chromecast is also integrated negating the purchase of an extra peripheral and thus making the entire service even more seamless. Voice search powered by the Google Assistant ensures that you get all the content you want with just the click of a button and a few words. All the TV’s come with Dolby’s Digital Sound. The TVs also offer WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options. The new Google-Certified Android Television will be available starting 14k onwards from 11th July.

Expanding its washing machine portfolio, Micromax launched its first ever Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine. The new machine is available in four different capacities of 6, 6.5, 7 and 8 kgs. It has the proprietary Fabricare Wash technology which is a combination of sapphire crystal shaped inner drum which ensure better flow of water and is easier on the clothes. The wide drum has more space and thus mitigates twisting and wearing down of clothes. The intelligent Fuzzy Logic function reduces the user input required at each step. The in-built Child Lock mode baby-proofs the machine from the get go. Another feature called Presence Free Wash lets to pre-set the time and in essence, “set it and forget it.” The range has a starting price of 11k and will be available for purchase starting 15th July.



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