• EA teased with new art of Battlefield 1 which appears to be the playable French army. Yesterday EA Twitter account posted an image with the caption “Soyez prêts,” which means “Be ready.” The image contains intensive shootout in the bunker and French flag hanging on the walls.

    The developer had already said that game will introduce at least two new armies, which includes French and Russian empire. As it was previously announced Battlefield 1’s They shall Not Pass Expansion pack will add French army, the first paid expansion, arrives on march 2017.

    Season Pass give access to all the expansion pass including They Shall Pass, which will cost approximately 50$, lets you play two weeks early.

    Giant’s Shadow map first DLC map for battlefield 1 was released this week as a free download for Early Enlister edition and season pass holder. It will available for everyone from December 20.

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