• t’s fair to say that in the years following Crossy Road’s release, the voxel art style and certain progression features have become a mainstay in mobile games.

    Such is the case for Madness Road, a driving game that sees you trashing buildings and killing zombies by way of running into them with a truck.

    It’s light and breezy fun in bite-sized portions of gameplay, but its similarly light controls and rather basic progression can make the whole experience slightly frustrating.

    We’re all mad here

    Madness Road throws you into straight into the mix, and simply sends you off on your merry way to ram zombies with every piece of your car.

    You can play with one-thumb using a virtual joystick, or you can flip your phone on its side and tap the sides of the screen to handle steering.

    Floaty virtual joysticks have never really worked for mobile games, and it’s the same here – one slight wrong move and your car can veer off in a totally different direction.

    Temporary insanity

    It’s all good clean fun, until it stops suddenly because your car has run out of fuel. What’s worse is that, at this point, you’ve probably only been playing for about thirty seconds.

    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the bite-sized gameplay means you can easily dive in for a few minutes, kill a bunch of zombies, and leave without investing too heavily in the game.

    But it’s also frustrating how quickly that moment arrives, especially when you’ve finally found your flow. Being ripped out of the moment is incredibly irritating, and you won’t be hugely tempted back for another run either.

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