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Meet Shreyas, A 17 Year Old Aspiring Game Dev Who Wants To Make A Difference

Meet Shreyas, A 17 Year Old Aspiring Game Dev Who Wants To Make A Difference

Hello everybody, Shreyas here. This android game “Sustain“ was made by me. I’m a 17 year old programmer from Bangalore, India. Growing up in the Silicon city of India, I always wanted to be a programmer. Not just your average software engineer, but someone who can contribute to humanity, to the world. So then I started my journey as a game developer because games are things that bring people together and also bring joy to many a folk.

Growing up I played a lot of action games from Max Payne to Skyrim to the GTA franchise, and I thought to myself, “Hey, I like games so much, why not try and make one?” Initially, I learnt the HTML language from my school. It didn’t particularly interest me a lot but then I found out about C++, very difficult to master but once you learn it, there’s no language that should be more difficult. Which is what I did, and eventually I learnt that language in my so called studio and to be honest, my studio where I made this game was just my little desktop computer which sits at the back of my dad’s office.

Then I did a bit of research and found out my options of making games. Since I knew C++ pretty well, I had to start off with Unreal Engine. At first I thought it was pretty cool but then I found out that it lagged a lot after excessive consumption of memory. So without even making a single game in that I had to find a lighter engine but also something that was easier to learn. So I chose Unity. Unity was pretty easy when I started with it a few months back. It had great resources, great communities and overall a friendly support and feedback. All this may sound easy but to be honest India is not for game developers. Because I came across many a bugs and doubts when making this game and there was limited support from people around me. Though India is renowned for its vast resources in IT, the thing is no one wants to invest in video games or anything in that field in India and hence there’s the lack of interest in it to the majority of us Indians who don’t see the potential it has. So I had to rely heavily on online threads and discussions to clear my doubts.

The game “Sustain” is my first attempt at a commercial game, so I couldn’t complicate it a lot. Be ready to NOT expect a great game with great graphics but I will definitely be adding a lot of interesting stuff on it in future updates as I learn more and more of Unity. Multiplayer support and leaderboards will be some of the upcoming features. Initially I got the idea for it from a popular fps game called Killing floor where the player had to survive hordes of zombies. I just made a simpler version of it on the android platform .There were of course many who complained about how bad the graphics are and about other things, but I just didn’t care about all that and focused on my goal.

And so I created Nirvana Interactive, my game studio which currently has three people in it. It is my ambition to spread the joy of gaming to people by having my own Indie Game Development Studio. I plan on making an fps horror game for PC and console real soon within this year, so stay tuned for that! Though Sustain was my first game, and may not be that appealing visually, it was just the the beginning of many more and better games that are to come!

But of course, then came across people who shared their knowledge with me and soon I found out that India lacks the course I needed to be a game developer and as you may expect, the US has it. So there comes Sustain once again helping me to gain experience to show to US colleges. Currently I definitely can’t afford the fees it costs and like many others I’m in a pursuit of finding sources, (I even asked a few Game Developing companies to look at my game and try to help me but none replied : < )

Anyhow, I’d like to thank all the people who tried out my game and all those reading this and of course I can’t think of ways to express my gratitude to Gaming Central India and all its people who gave me this opportunity to post this on their page. For now, I just know that I want to keep making games and keep spreading the joy of it for as many people I can because this life, I won’t have the chance to lead again and I want to spend it by making the world happy, at its darkest times!

Thank you!

Here’s everything you need to know about Sustain:

Ever wondered if you could survive in a desert full of monsters ?

This game exactly does that. So no use for all your survival skills because this is one challenging and tough game that won’t go easy on you !

This is not your usual laid back easy game and is not for the timid ! If you can bear massive amount of monsters and skeletons beating you up, this game will try you. You just have a gun to hold out and in the desert, no jokes or cheats can save you. An apocalypse simulator that you cannot easily beat because there’s no end to the spawn of monsters . All you can do is know that a timer counts how long you live and that’s it, the real test is if you can sustain easily without dying .

Features :-
⍟A desert map without an ounce of water
⍟Three different monsters that make it hard .
⍟Spooky Background Music

New features like Global Leader boards and multiplayer support coming soon !!!

How Long Can You Sustain?

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