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Mark Zuckerberg: We’re Working On ‘Dislike’ Button

Mark Zuckerberg: We’re Working On ‘Dislike’ Button

Earlier this week on Tuesday during a Q/A session streamed live on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook announced that the company is working on ‘Dislike’ button, however it is not clear that it would actually be called as a ‘Dislike’ button, since during the session Mark Zuckerberg said we are working on a kind of alternate to the ‘Like’ button.

Watch Zuckerberg answering about Dislike button:

Seriously speaking people have been waiting for some alternate to the Like button and here is the official announcement by Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California. “Today is the day that I actually get to say we are working on it.” Zuckerberg also said that it wouldn’t be actually called a ‘Dislike’ button since Dislike is conveying that isn’t good and we’re not going to do that, instead this button will show empathy for posts that seem inappropriate to ‘Like’, but not actually spam however it could be compared with some heart touching things, well something like news of Natural Disasters, loved ones crying or things which actually can’t be liked.

The live stream session was also anticipating and funny since people from the crowd asked about Zuckerberg’s person life which included news about the pregnancy of his wife for which Zuckerberg answered “we’re expecting a baby girl,” his favourite scientist is James Clerk Maxwell.

Watch the whole session of Q/A with Facebook in Townhall September 15:

On September 12, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is going to visit Facebook headquarters on Sunday, September 21 at 9:30am pacific time.

Do you think ‘Dislike’ button should come into existence? Do you have any other good name which suitably satisfies the mean of “Dislike” but not actually and exactly Dislike.

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