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Majority Of Indian Gamers Are Missing Out On The Best Video Games Ever Made

Majority Of Indian Gamers Are Missing Out On The Best Video Games Ever Made

Since the dawn of video games, Nintendo has been a major player in the market. Unlike, Sega and Atari, who are no more than legends in the present day scenario, Nintendo has managed to occupy its space among the top players in the market.

Unfortunately, India is not considered among their top priorities, despite being home to thousands of their fans. Even in the past, the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U took a fair bit of time to make it to India officially.

The reasons for the delays are vague. It was known that the chargers for the 3DS were not compatible with the Indian power supply and thus it took so long to make to the Indian markets.

Nintendo Switch, though not released officially in India, can be purchased via international online retailers. But the cost of these units is sky-high, if they ship in India at all, mainly due to the high import duties.

Nintendo Switch is a great leap in the handheld sector of the gaming industry. It’s flagship game, Zelda Breath of the Wild was awarded Ultimate Game of the Year by Golden Joysticks Award. It is undoubtedly one of the best games ever made and a landmark in the industry. In addition to that, Switch features an array of exclusive games that are just fabulous. More and more games are releasing on the platform each passing day.

The accessibility of such great games on a handheld console is what makes me truly jealous of those who have access to Switch. I am, just like the majority of Indian gamers, missing out on few of the best games ever made.

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