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The Lost Child Launches August 24 In Japan, Debut Trailer Revealed

The Lost Child Launches August 24 In Japan, Debut Trailer Revealed

Kadokawa Games announcedThe Lost Child, the new game from El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron director Takeyasu Sawaki, will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on August 24 for 6,800 yen.


Magazine writer Hayato Ibuki was chasing the story of the suicide a person who jumped in front of a train in Shinjuku Station. In the middle of his pursuit, he falls onto the platform as if he was pushed by a mysterious black shadow. A mysterious, beautiful woman named Barcia (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) saves him by the skin of his teeth, and hands him a suitcase. It was a Pandora’s Box that should not have been be opened.

Inside was the “Demon Gun Gangour,” a tool that can capture and enslave demons and fallen angels. Using this ability, Hayato successfully took on his own demon subordinates. Together with a woman named Rua (voiced by Rikako Yamaguchi), who calls herself an angel, Hayato will pursue the mysteries that occur in various places and find the beautiful woman who gave him the suitcase

■ Systems


The Lost Child

For Hayato, a reporter, the first thing one must do is “gather information.” In The Lost Child, various rumors flutter about every day in the real world. Move about each place, talk to various people on location, and gather information at your own pace. A casual rumor may be related to a demon and develop into a major incident. Gather information to advance the story.

Tablet Menu

The Lost Child

In addition to the Gangaur, Hayato and company receive a tablet that holds a mysterious power. In the tablet, you can check the status of your Astrals, their parameters and skills, and various other information. Each Astral has special characteristics, and among them are Astrals with high parameters and powerful skills. If you capture a strong Astral, it can become your reassuring ally.


The Lost Child

The battles of The Lost Child are turn-based command battles in which you can switch in and out Astrals depending on the situation. In battle, the power of the Astrals you’ve captured and enslaved as allies will be a big help. Control the Astrals to attack. In the Layer, there are various Astrals lurking about, including angels, demons, and fallen angels. As you encounter new Astrals, capture them with the Gangour.


The Lost Child

If you use the skills possessed by each Astral, you’ll be able to proceed the battle with an advantage. If you hit at enemy’s weak point with an attack skill, you can deal great damage. There are skills with various effects and types, including recovery, magic, and defense. Using skills properly depending on the situation is the key to battle. Make great use of skills.


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