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Leonardo DiCaprio Teams Up Again With Martin Scorsese For A Serial Killer Thriller

Leonardo DiCaprio Teams Up Again With Martin Scorsese For A Serial Killer Thriller

The biggest news for every Leonardo Dicaprio fan is here, Leonardo DiCaprio will team up again with Martin Scorsese on a Serial Killer Thriller.

For the time being, it has been reported that this Serial Killer thriller is an adaptation of Erik Larson’s bestselling book i.e “The Devil in White City“, which is a non-fiction novel.

Storyline of “The Devil in the White City”: Dr. HH Holmes becomes involved with many women, marries a few, killed 200 people whoever was in contact, acquires loads of debt he never plans of paying off, and commits several acts of fraud. He turns his apartment into a World’s fair hotel where he killed many people, so as to escape from the Suits he has been filed on. However he gets noticed by Detective Frank Geyer and gets arrested for Insurance fraud in Philadelphia. How Frank Geyer finds the other frauds of Dr.HH Holmes forms rest of the story.

Paramount has won an auction for the film rights beating up 4 other studios and the main cast includes Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DeCaprio, Billy Ray(Hunger Games Screenwriter). DeCaprio owned the rights for the book in 2010, which was previously owned by Tom Cruise.

Previously Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DeCaprio teamed up for “Gangs Of New York(2002)” and “The Aviator(2004)”.

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