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These Latest Trailers Show How Amazing The New Zelda Title Looks

These Latest Trailers Show How Amazing The New Zelda Title Looks

People are really excited about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and frankly, it’s quite hard not to be. Nintendo’s upcoming addition to the Zelda franchise promises to offer a lot more than its predecessors in terms of gameplay and mechanics, as shown by a bunch of trailers recently released for the game. Check these out and bask in the glory of the wild.

The first trailer is all about Link running in the vast varying land, showcasing different movement mechanics, from sprinting, to gliding to something that is very close to snowboarding. It successfully shows off the beautiful setting of the game.

The second trailer is a bit more interesting, focusing on the combat and interaction, which frankly consists of some very innovative elements. Some of it looks funny, sure, like chopping down a tree magically ties it up as logs or putting the ingredients in the cooking pot makes them jump (WHAT IF THEY’RE ALL ALIVE), but it’s still all very exciting.

This one shows different weathers in the game, from clear skies to dark thunderstorms to sandstorms and a lot more, showing off the amazing mechanics that make the weather in the game seem almost realistic.

The last video is a time lapse and quite long, watch it and see how it goes.

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