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Last Of Us In Grand Theft Auto V?

Last Of Us In Grand Theft Auto V?

In less than a year after its release on the PC, Grand Theft Auto V has seen mods varying from incredible to ridiculous to ‘who the f**k asked for that’! Anyways, this latest mod has turned quiet a few heads, but changing a section of the immensely huge game map to look like the acclaimed Playstation exclusive title, The Last Of Us. The mod rips up the said section of the map, and gives it a desolate post-apocalyptic look, littered with destruction and urban foliage.

The mod includes over 1600 elements that render it a look as that of the Last Of Us. It also adds over 60 wrecked vehicles and a custom safe house. The mod will require a beefy rig to run it, which isn’t all that surprising. You can watch the video here below:

There are two mods at work in this video. The map is by Rapidiment, and takes a section of the Los Santos city centre (it’s a smaller map made for making videos, not the entire game world) and wrecks it all up. The Joel skin was inspired by the map, and is by GTAFREAk67S. Sadly, no zombies will make an appearance, though that can be easily fixed by adding a zombie mod!

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