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A Knight’s Quest – Review

A Knight’s Quest – Review

A Knight’s Quest is a charming new action adventure game by Sky 9, and takes a lot of inspirations from games like The Legend of Zelda. You play as Rusty, who has to help save the world from ending, by defeating demons unleashed accidentally by his own father. There’s a good bit of wit and humor added throughout, and I enjoyed it a lot.

The combat will be fairly familiar to Zelda fans, though it’s not nearly as standout – it’s a fairly basic lock on system, with attacking and blocking. The bosses are fun enough, and add some variety to the combat. The puzzles and the platforming is where the game truly shines – the puzzles are clever, and there’s a good sense of accomplishment that comes with solving them. Some puzzles can be a bit obtuse at first, but nothing that really stops the overall flow of the game.

However, the game is plagued by various bugs – bad checkpoint system, save files getting corrupted, and even audio issues. These really hamper the overall experience, which would have been completely worth it otherwise. I still recommend A Knight’s Quest, just maybe wait for a few patches.


Charming vibe overall
Fun story and writing
Clever puzzles
Tight platforming


Really buggy
Combat can get repetitive

Score – 7/10


A gorgeous action adventure on an epic scale. Play as Rusty, a clumsy adventurer who accidentally sets about the end of the world. Solve mind-bending puzzles, fight challenging enemies, defeat huge bosses and platform your way through a fantastic open world.

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