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Jacked Up Iron Giant: Titanfall 2 Review

Jacked Up Iron Giant: Titanfall 2 Review

Now if you’re a fan of the Iron Giant, well, Titanfall 2 is just like the Iron Giant except on steroids. The sequel was far better than I had expected it to be and I’m sure that’s the thought a lot of you have. Like, holy cow Batman, this is far better than Call of Duty! Are we sure the devs  from Respawn worked on Call of Duty?

I went into this game blind, not knowing what it was going to offer and no, I haven’t played the first Titanfall.

The game starts with assuming control of Rifleman Jack Cooper from the Frontier Militia, a quick training level which introduces the player to the different moves like sliding and wall running and the different weapons available in the game. There’s even a quick time trial right at the end of the training and then comes the moment we all were waiting for, a titan falls but do we get to pilot it? Nope. It wouldn’t be that easy. Cooper’s gets called for duty when IMC held planet of Typhon is attacked. Without spoiling much, yes you do get a Titan pretty fast and boy, oh boy is the Titan fun.


Eventually Cooper and his Titan form a relationship and the game pretty much becomes the best buddy cop movie. Unfortunately the campaign lasts only for 6-7 hours but each level is beautifully designed with it’s own unique importance and there isn’t a boring point in the game. Unlike some games, Titanfall 2 doesn’t seem to stretch longer than it needs to. Do I wish there was more to the campaign? Hell yes! But I suppose having a campaign as good as Titanfall 2 did goes a long way. It seemed like a long movie rather than a game.

Based on the Source engine, the game looks amazing. From particles flying around to the glitter on the Titans, there is no denying Respawn knows how to make a pretty looking game. Unlike Call of Duty which has a very crowded, claustrophobic approach to it’s level design which I suppose is important for linear games, Titanfall 2 managed to make its maps look spacious and wide while still having a fluid linear feel to it. Even with large maps, sometimes the maps start looking repetitive but this wasn’t a problem with Titanfall which made each map look very unique with it’s own look and feel which gave each map a sense of individualism.


Coming to the mechanics of the game feels great, I was half expecting the wall run to be some of shoot of Tony Hawk Pro Skater but thank the LORD I was wrong. The wall running and the slides are simple enough to master and getting those really cool kills that all the cool kids do is fairly easy, either that or I’m surprisingly good at this game but my money’s on the former. Other than the parkour moves, the gun mechanics seem on point, they sound great and don’t recoil much and high jumps don’t hurt which therein leaves the player feeling like Cooper has some sort of exoskeleton or super suit for all the simple people out there.

Controlling the Titan feels smooth, like you’re riding a bike after a long time even if you haven’t played the first game. They do seem a bit slow but when it’s combat time, hubba dubba is it a mess of fun! Now if we talk about the enemies in the game, some of them are just plain annoying like those ball bomb things, I mean there’s one point in the game where at least 10 of those little shits are coming towards you at the same time. The AI in the game isn’t exactly the smartest apple in the bunch but still seems pretty challenging but nothing impossible to overcome. Though I will admit, some Titan battles are a bit underwhelming.


For a game that was initially a multiplayer, the story mode and mechanics in Titanfall 2 are up there with the greats like dare I say, Half-Life 2. Hopefully they don’t pull a Half-Life and come up with a 3rd installment.

Titanfall 2 runs smoothly on my beautiful GTX 1070 along with an i5 6600 processor and yes, everything was on MAX BAI-BEE!! Though the game recommends GTX 1060, the game runs smoothly on the RX470 and the RX480. So if you do have a budget card, or AMD, don’t worry, the game will run unless it’s something worse than a GTX 660.

For my closing statement, I got to say, Titanfall 2 is one of those great games that got lost somewhere or forgotten because of it’s big brother Battlefield 1 which the geniuses at EA decided to release around the same time. If you haven’t played Titanfall 2 before or are a bit tired of Battlefield, you should give this one a try. Trust me, it’s not going to disappoint and if it does, YOU TAKE IT BACK! THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! SHUT UP!

Titanfall 2 was reviewed using a free review copy provided by the good folks at G2A. You can buy the game from their website

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