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Jackass Grand Theft Auto V Version

Jackass Grand Theft Auto V Version

Its mind boggling the things you can do with this game. Using the new Rockstar Editor video tools for the PC version of GTA V, YouTuber Abstract Mode has created a clip which resembles the shenanigans that the guys from Jackass pull off.


Watch Trevor perform all the stunts that Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O would probably get killed if they tried. Abstract Mode activated the invincibility cheat. That’s why Trevor doesn’t die when he gets blindsided by a bus or mauled by a mountain lion.

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After undergoing the IB curriculum in Kodaikanal, Joash disciplined in English and Political Science at St. Stephens, Delhi. Then went on to do his post graduate diploma in Mass communication and journalism at Xavier Institute of Mass Communications, Bombay. He has a thing for motorbikes, cameras, drums & the lovely Jeniffer Piccinato

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