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Why Indian Rummy is becoming so popular

indian rummy

The gaming industry has seen a tonne of technological advancements across the world, with the gaming scene in India being transformed from a niche activity to a common hobby. Nowhere is this more evident than in card games. Where before card games were just played occasionally, between friends and family, online skill based games such as Indian rummy are becoming the most widely played games in India.

What is Indian Rummy?

If you have never played the game, Rummy is a fun and challenging game that uses two decks of cards along with two jokers.  The aim of the game is to have all your 13 cards arranged in valid sequences and sets. To win, you will need at least two sequences; one has to be a pure sequence, while the other has to be at least valid. Once you have that, you can declare Rummy!

Why is it so popular?

This game is popular for many reasons. One of them is that it is a game of skill. That means it is legal to play it for money or for leisure. According to the Supreme Court of India, games of skill are 100% legal to play. Rummy demands skill, concentration and strategy to win. Any player can win one hand, but it takes a very skilled player to win consistently. Read this article on how to win at Indian Rummy if you want to improve your game.

Online Rummy

Though this game has traditionally been played at home, it has now risen to the big stage as the most popular online game in India. The game is popular with all kinds of people, from office workers, to students, anyone who has access to the internet can play the game in one form or another.


The game is booming in India right now. It is estimated that by 2025, the gross revenue for skill-based games will hit INR 7,100 crore. Right now, it is already at INR 2,000 crore and it is poised for a huge growth. With the wider availability of low-cost smartphones, cheaper data plans and improved network capability, we expect to see even more of India’s 1.4 billion people playing their favourite games online.

Mobile apps and platforms

Mobile games have become very popular the last few years, with the launch of hundreds of games for the Indian market. There are hundreds of places where you can play Rummy online, for free or for real cash. Many of them even include prizes up to lakhs and crores of rupees. Simply head to the app, download it to your phone, and you can start playing. Here you will find various tournaments offering different variations of the game (Points, Deals, Pool).


You will also find many online casinos that have started offering the game. You can play there any time, and you will find other skill based games, which you can play for real money, such as poker, teen patti and more. These sites let you play around the clock. In addition, what else is great is that you will not be breaking any laws playing games of skill! In a multiplayer environment, with players from all over the world, you can stand to win very decent sums of money. Of course, you will need to be a very wise and skilled player before you can do that, so do not give up your day job just yet. Best is to practise your skills on free games, before laying down your hard-earned cash. 

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