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Indian Game ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’ Now On Kickstarter

Indian Game ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’ Now On Kickstarter

Nodding Heads Games is an independent games developer which aims to deliver breathtaking games based off stories and myths from the Indian subcontinent. The studio is currently working on their first Kickstarter campaign for their action adventure game Raji: An Ancient Epic.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods, to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Her destiny to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura.

A demo for the game is also available now: | IndieDB

The game is now on Kickstarter, and you can donate to the game here: Kickstarter

In a recent interview we did with Nodding Head Games, they talked about how they got the idea for the game: “The idea for Raji: An Ancient Epic first popped in at the new year’s of 2013. Our game designer was at Jaiselmer, Rajasthan and couldn’t stop thinking on how could he engulf the grand medieval architecture he witnessed all along the trip in a game. The painstakingly handcrafted style would become an inspiration to the game’s universe. Years later, along with founders and veteran artists Ian and Shruti, the concept art was finalised after several iterations. The initial sketches gave us the confidence to devote ourselves to the game.

Some key features:

  • A universe inspired by Ancient India– Raji is inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythology, allowing us to create diverse level locations, demons, bosses and characters. The team wants to tell a story which is set in India, that has never been seen before in the gaming industry. We visited Rajasthan, India and Bali, Indonesia where we grasped the inspiration for the game’s universe.
  • Handpainted Artstyle– Each and every corner of Raji: An Ancient Epic is hand painted, this utilizes the use several pieces of software, dedication and countless hours. The environment is inspired by the medieval architecture of Rajasthan, which was the pinnacle of architectural achievement during the medieval era of India.
  • Favor of the Gods– A feature which allows the player to pick their god and customize various abilities which empower your weapons. Each god grants you an element. Choose between fire, lightning, ice, earth and rage. This feature allows you to craft your own style of game play.

Official Website –

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