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Most Important Virtual Reality Tech Coming In 2018

Most Important Virtual Reality Tech Coming In 2018

Augmented and virtual reality worlds are shifting astoundingly fast, and predictions are that VR will be enormous in 2018. Companies like Telemundo and NBC Universal are betting on VR to bring fans closer to the action during the largest world events such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As virtual reality brings the audience to the sidelines of the matches, it will assist in the adoption of VR to the mass market and prove fruitful for brands that have invested in VR.

The rise in virtual reality acceptance in the worldwide market demands high-quality content that is narratively enticing and visually pleasing while it holds vection to a minimum. It offers a huge opportunity to content developers since the market will crave exceptional VR content. Augmented reality and Virtual reality will impact all aspects of life, and the success of both depends on faster processors and better connectivity, while the ultimate goal is to create reactive content.



Exponential VR Growth is Expected in 2018

Where VR is heading in 2018 will depend on outreach and marketing since currently, it is surviving on a small community of VR enthusiasts. Exponential growth is expected from industries that have been reluctant in the past to get onboard. One industry that has embraced the VR development is online Slot Games, gamification grew intense in 2017, and for software providers, VR involves immersing players completely into the game they are enjoying, while the film and TV show theme-trend dip in favour of content. Sensing the potential held by VR technology iGaming developers have shown deep interest. The massive success enjoyed by wearable technology such as the Fitbit and Apple watch demonstrates that millennials connect more enthusiastically with tasks via gamification setting targets on daily assignments while trophies reward users for performing tasks in order to exercise and keep fit.

Dramatic Impact Ensured by Well Positioned Technology

Online game enthusiasts can get ready to be surprised since technology is well positioned to make a dramatic impact on the way games are played and by the end of 2018 a new VR-centric game genre is expected to appear. Eye tracking will be central to the VR medium and enhancement will play a big part in the second wave of VR devices, welcomed by engineers focussed on simulating natural realistically while development will give way to gameplay that offers a new eye-tracking centric and elements that ensures a much more immersive experience.

The first step into VR was the launch of the Oculus Rift headsets, while 2018 will mark one of the most important steps forward for VR technology and the recent presentation of the new Oculus products gave developers and consumers a small insight of what they are in for. The adoption VR rate has sky-rocketed over the past twelve months, and the expected number of active users by 2018 is 171 million, while the most recent forecasts suggest that revenue from VR head-mounted displays will grow to $3.89 billion.

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