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How Portable Memory Is Changing The Game

How Portable Memory Is Changing The Game

Its really more than amazing to see how we have evolved in terms of how we view and share information with each other. Just recently I came across a very interesting device that I didn’t initially think I’d have much use for, but surprisingly worked out to be a pretty handy device to kinda have around the house.


I present to you the Kingston MobileLite Wireless. Its a small device that helps you share media on to various devices.  It is essentially a reader and it frees up space for your phone and tablet. It can share data with up to three users simultaneously over Wi-Fi. It even acts as an emergency charger for you smartphone. And to add to that you get one year warranty and free technical support. Now that is a lot of things that little piece of plastic does.


Its hard to imagine how practical exactly the device is but when it comes down to it and you’re stuck in a real fix, this device proves to be quite an asset. Like for instance, I had some data on my phone that my brother needed while I was attending to a very important call. Instead of taking out the memory card and inserting it into my brothers phone I used the device and was able to share it through Wi-Fi. And while he was at it, my mum decided she wanted to see the photos we took at our relative’s place last week. They had to install the MobileLite App which hardly took a minute and they were able to view and share media with much ease.


This portable card reader gives you access to all of your data where ever you are, it really is pretty neat. It lets you stream up to three movies from Flash cards and USB Flash drives to three different devices at once. And it works as a charger as well, I forget to pack my charger many times and  I find myself in that situation way too often.



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