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Hitman Beta: What We Think Of Agent 47’s Reboot

Hitman Beta: What We Think Of Agent 47’s Reboot

The Hitman series follows an Agent, a globe trotting anti-hero with the latest in tech, weapons, cars, women, you name it and let’s not forget, he as a licence to kill. Yup, I’m talking about Bon… erm… Agent 47 I mean. Got to keep these facts straight!

Hitman is a reboot of the franchise that pits you with a young and sexy Agent 47 at the prime of his shiny bald head as you venture of into gorgeous locations as an operative of the infamous International Contract Agency (I guess all the cool names were taken). And no, his shiny bald head CANNOT be used at a blinding device in the game! Along with instructions from your handler, Diana Burnwood who happens to be pretty attractive and very alive in this game, take out high-profile targets around the world. Unfortunately Shkreli isn’t one of the targets, not that I know of at least.

In Hitman, each location is a sandbox, the player has complete freedom of approach over how, when and where to take out the target. But that is nothing new right, the Hitman games have always been like that, except the sandbox in the latest installment is much more intricate than the previous iterations to the point where every NPC has a name, purpose and every room on the map has a purpose. Want to take out the target with a jet plane? Okay, the game will let you and that is exactly what I did in the Hitman Beta. Speaking of beta, let’s talk a little about Hitman Beta now.

Firstly, the beta looks pretty good unfortunately there isn’t much to do but then again, it’s a demo of a game that is coming out in parts, yup this bitch is episodic! But that doesn’t mean that the game is bad, there just may be a waiting period between each episode. In my opinion, this kind of sucks, I’d rather binge play a game which is the whole point of games right. The reason why Netflix is so popular other than netflix and chill is binge watching a show so why take a step back? I don’t know but who know’s maybe, it’ll work for them.

Screenshot (39)

Anyway, let’s get back to the Hitman Beta. The game begins with 20 years later when Hitman was a wee little lad running in a field of flowers! No, that’s not true, it isn’t an origin story. More like a recruitment story where Diana is trying to convince another British dude probably from International Contract Agency (it’s hard not to chuckle every time I say that) so he decides to put 47 through some incredibly easy simulations, I mean, it’s not even a challenge.

Let’s talk about the first mission where 47 has to infiltrate a movie set. Okay no, but that is what it looks like! The whole point of the 1st mission, in my opinion, is to stretch your legs and get back in the groove. You can choose to be all Hitman-ny and take the target out with stealth and LOTS of costumes but at the same time, kill EVERYONE and then kill the target which could be what I ended up doing.

The second mission is a bit more tougher, with a bigger map, more enemies and SO many ways to kill, from over the top kills with a jetplane to drowning the target in the toilet part to just plain old shooting or choking the target or again, you could go all gun blazing and again, kill EVERYONE! It’s possible, I’ve done it! The game mechanics, like all the pros call it, are impressive and true to Hitman.

The Hitman games have been known to have impressive graphics, and this game doesn’t let down though I did notice my bullets going through the NPCs but I guess that could be blamed on the game being Beta. And that was my take on the game.

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