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Hello Neighbour Lets You Break Into Your Neighbour’s House

Hello Neighbour Lets You Break Into Your Neighbour’s House

Indie devs Dynamc Pixels has announced their new project, Hello Neighbour, and if you ever had paranoid notions about your next-door neighbours, it’ll play right up your alley.

The upcoming horror stealth title will let you investigate your neighbour’s house for suspicious activity while they’re not home… least that’s what you think. But soon, as you make your way through the rooms and check out the basement to discover what your friendly neighbour is hiding, you realize you’re not alone. Hold on, because this is just the beginning.

Hello Neighbour claims to use an advanced iterative AI system that learns your moves, with the creepy neighbour anticipating every step of your break-in attempts. Expect the anxiety level to be high, because they will be setting traps to stop you from getting anywhere. If caught, we dare not say what happens, and neither do Tiny Build and Dynamic Pixels.

All we can say is that the game will make your feel like stuck in a Predator movie, the only difference being that this time you’re being tracked by your human neighbour…..wait, is he human?

Hello Neighbour is planned for release sometime in summer 2017, with an alpha available prior for which players can register.

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