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God of War Ragnarok producer says “something cool is coming”

God Of War

God of War chief Cory Barlog says that “something cool is coming” with regards to God of War Ragnarok.In a video presented on Twitter, Barlog made sense of that sony Santa Monica was “staggeringly grateful to the fans and the local area for all the affection and backing we’ve gotten all through this time, on the grounds that without that help we wouldn’t have the option to keep making games. Your help permits us to continue to do the things that we love to do.”

That segued quickly into a conversation about the studio’s forthcoming continuation of its 2018 reboot. Barlog portrayed God of War Ragnarok as “the obvious issue at hand,” and said that “we haven’t said a ton regarding this. That is on the grounds that everyone is heads-down, working diligently. We are fussbudgets. Everybody’s straightening out the designs on level three, there is such an excess of continuing right now that I simply wish that we could impart to you, however it’s simply not fit to be shown.”

Ideally, notwithstanding, we will not be standing by excessively lengthy for more information. That’s what barlog said “the occasion, the exact moment that we have something that we’re prepared to share, we will share it, since we would rather not hold any of this back. so if it’s not too much trouble, hold tight, realize that something cool is coming, and that we – everyone here at Santa Monica – is so unimaginably grateful for all the help you’ve given us.”We’ve heard minimal about Ragnarok since its full uncover last year, which tragically came following a postpone the previous summer that pushed it to 2022. Scanty news from that point forward has had a few fans stressed, yet in January Sony repeated that God of War Ragnarok stays on target for a delivery this year.

God of War

In light of that, it appears to be really probable that Sony and the Santa Monica studio are preparing for an uncover before long. E3 2022 could have been dropped, yet PlayStation has proactively been missing from the customary meeting plan for several years, so we could see Kratos and Atreus back their heads in a State of Play some time in May or June.

However God of War has been postponed, there are as yet a huge load of forthcoming PS5 games coming this year and past to be amped up for. Also you can fill the hole with these games like God of War.

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