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Girl Gamer: Shagufta Iqbal

Girl Gamer: Shagufta Iqbal

In today’s feature for gamer girl we have with us Shagufta Iqbal, who well is pretty much a gamer girl really. She has been playing Mario, Quake 3, Prince of Persia and a lot of Counter Strike 1.6. She loves gaming, cats and heavy metal. She shares with us some of her experiences as a gamer and what are some of the things that interest her.

Gaming Central: Thanks for being here with us today Shagufta, so how long have you been into gaming?
Shagufta Iqbal: I have been playing games for as long as I can remember. Mario, Quake3, Claw, Age of Empires,Prince of Persia are few of the games I remember being hooked on. But I started taking it seriously about 5-6 years ago.

GC: Do you have a gaming name?
SI: Yes I do, Xya.

GC: When did you realize that gaming was one of your passions and not just a hobby anymore?
SI: After I started Counter Strike 1.6, I found myself playing it all the time. I used to have more fun gaming than doing anything else. I guess that’s when I figured that gaming was not just a hobby anymore.


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 5.56.29 pmGC: Gaming as it is has a pretty stagnant notion here in India, being a girl did it make it harder for you to convince others of your passion?
SI: Not really. I feel lucky to have a very supportive family. They know I am both serious and passionate about it and I can balance studies and gaming very well. As for others, when they learn that I game, they usually get surprised and think I am faking it. I do not really care about that. I game for myself and that is all that matters.

GC: What is your favorite game?
SI: Counter Strike Global offensive

GC: Do you belong to the PS, Xbox or PC clan?

GC: If you had one superpower, what would it be?
SI: I would love to be able to read minds. It would be great to know what the other person is actually thinking!



GC: Okay so here is a very random one for you, if you were locked in a room with Joker with nothing but a pogo stick and sombrero in your hand, what would you do?
1.Take turns going on the pogo stick
2. Make Joker wear the sombrero while you pummel him with the pogo stick
3. Or just sit there waiting for Batman to save you
SI: Take turns going on the pogo stick

GC: If there was one gaming character you could meet, real or virtual who would it be and why?
SI: I would love to meet Claptrap from Borderlands. He is like the coolest thing ever!

GC: If gaming wasn’t in the picture, what do you imagine doing?
SI: I would had tried to do something in the music industry since that is another of my interests.

GC: Do you have any advice for other gamer girls out there?
SI: Just be yourself and don’t care about the bullies online. Play your games and have fun!

GC: Well it was quite a pleasure to get to know you Shagufta and we wish you the best for the future.
SI: Thank you.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 6.06.31 pm

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