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Gear Of The Month – Rapoo VPRO V110 Pro Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Combo

Gear Of The Month – Rapoo VPRO V110 Pro Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Combo

We recently got our hands on the Rapoo VPRO V110 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo, and were blown away by how robust the hardware was considering the budget price of Rs. 2,699/- that it goes for. First off, both the keyboard and the mouse look great and are packed with nifty features.

The keyboard is backlit with full RGB support, making late night gaming sessions a real joy. It’s also surprisingly quiet, which I really appreciate. The mouse has a pattern going all over it and lights up nicely. It also has two extra buttons on the side and a DPI adjuster. I mapped the two extra buttons to useful shortcuts in PUBG and Fortnite and saw a real improvement in my game.

Both the keyboard and the mouse are comfortable to use, even during long sessions of gaming. The built quality is solid and it looks great. Mouse offers DPI ranging from 1000 to 3200, suitable for both gaming and regular usage. The keyboard backlight has a fair amount of customization available, and you can tweak it to what looks best for you.

If you are in the market for a new keyboard and mouse, the Rapoo VPRO V110 Combo is absolutely worth checking out – Buy Link

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  1. The mouse and the keyboard make the game more interesting while playing with it I can imagine it. it’s really looking so amazing I just want to use it with my Alienware and just start the game. If anyone face problem regarding Alienware, they can take help from Alienware Support, I also get help from here.


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