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Gear.Club Unlimited Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer

Gear.Club Unlimited Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer

For the first time on Nintendo Switch, players will discover an authentic world of cars with Gear.Club Unlimited. They will walk up to the most fantastic racing cars around, vibrating to the roar of the incredibly powerful engines, and feel what it’s like to be behind the wheel of the most beautiful cars in the world. To make them even more powerful and competitive, players can customise their vehicles – from the bodywork to the engine!

Thanks to the modularity of Nintendo Switch, players can enjoy the expertise of Eden Games everywhere, in handheld mode or on a TV, on their own or with their friends.

Features already revealed

• More than 30 vehicles from 16 official manufacturers

• A campaign mode with progressive difficulty

• Over 430 races and 200 tracks

• 2 race modes: Derby and Time Trial

• 2 types of tracks: Asphalt and Rally

• Performance shop: a fully personalized garage where players can customize and improve their vehicles thanks to the 7 workshops available

• Split-screen Multiplayer mode: race and compete with up to 4 players thanks to split-screen mode on TV or Nintendo Switch tablet.

Gear.Club Unlimited release dates:

• December 1st in Europe (physical and digital versions).

• November 21 on American Nintendo eshop and as a temporary exclusive at Gamestop in its boxed version.

Gear.Club Unlimited is developed by Eden Games and published by Microïds.

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