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GC Recommends: Budget Gaming RAMs

GC Recommends: Budget Gaming RAMs

We got to try a few new budget RAMs and these are our favorites. They give blazing performance while not burning a hole through your pockets.

1. Kingston HyperX Fury- Rs. 4.5k (approx)

The HyperX Fury series  offers a range of capacities, a range of speeds, a range of colours and competitive pricing. I think Kingston could have benefited from maybe offering an additional speed such as 2000MHz or 2133MHz but I think 1866MHz is a fairly good sweet spot offering and most people would be happy with it.

2. Zion Xtreme- Rs. 4.5k (approx)

Zion’s 8 GB 1600 MHz module tries to address users who need more memory for different purposes including gaming. If you want a snippy fast system that can handle many programs at the same time and provide a great gaming experience, we recommend Zion’s 8 GB 1600 MHz desktop module. It offers a great bang for the buck with a really decent price.

3. Corsair Vengeance- Rs. 4.9k (approx)

Corsair as we all know is world famous for producing extremely reliable and dependable computer components and this RAM here is no different. This is currently the best value in 8GB DDR3 DIMMs. Solid, stable and dependable. Physically, the heat sink is large and may foul with larger CPU coolers on some motherboards, but it cools off very fast.

We hope that takes you a step further in building your gaming PC. Do let us know your experience with these RAMs, and do check back for more recommendations at Gaming Central.

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