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Gaming in India – History in the Making

Gaming in India – History in the Making

It’s hardly any surprise that one of the largest countries in the world has developed sort of a “sweet tooth” for online gaming in general. Games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, CS:GO, and a few other popular titles have taken the Indian people’s interest by storm. These days, competitive gaming isn’t the only thing that is gaining ground in India, as online casinos and sportsbooks have also made a huge impact. Read on to see what’s currently hot in the Indian online gaming scene.

Software Developers

Falling only second to China in terms of population, India is renowned for its own technological advancements. Therefore, a noteworthy mention is the fact that the software for most culture-specific online games is created by native developers. Companies like Casino Software India, Digient, Casino Game Developers, and many others ensure the production of quality software with a certified RNG algorithm.

Some of the Most Popular Sports Markets

Although still in a stage of infancy, online sportsbetting picks up speed in a steady pace. A large number of new market opportunities arise every day, and unlike the popular cricket betting scene, sports such as Horse racing, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, and a few others also begin to enjoy a large punter base. While not so popular, other markets such as American Football, Golf, Hockey, Basketball, and Kabaddi are still present for the die-hard fans.

Casino Games Galore

Poker is a card game renowned for its simple mechanics, yet complicated player tactics. Learn more about online casinos – click here. It doesn’t come as a surprise that it is a preferred game among many Indian gamblers. Regardless, there are a few other card games that are native to the Hindu culture, and they don’t fall short in terms of interest as well. Teen Patti, Muflis, Nilanni, 3-2-1, Teen-Do Paanch, Satte Pe Satta, and Rummy are names that every Indian card player knows.

Evolution of the Online Gaming Scene

As online gaming’s impact echoed throughout the world, many tech industry gurus preached the prevalence of free-to-play model. It was only a myth, which was busted by the appearance of numerous investors and innovators in India who have gave a start to the development of not only a variety of online gambling platforms, but also a number of other IT advancements. Online gaming is bound to break through any standardized predictions!

Online Gaming Legalization Overview

The legality of online gambling in India has been quite the subject over the past few years. In a way, it is similar to the legality situation that the US experiences in the sense that every separate state passes and adheres to its own laws regulating gambling. One highlighted case is with the Indian state Sikkim, where in 2010 state officials planned to offer 3 gambling licenses. While this initial attempt failed, it provided the incentive for other states to explore legalization in their territories.

While currently the Indian government doesn’t grant licenses for online gambling, some games and sports are allowed, while others aren’t. Poker, for example, is forbidden in any form – land-based or online. Horse racing, lottery, and Rummy are a few of the allowed events for gambling. The rule of thumb with the Indian gambling industry is that if a game’s outcome is determined more by chance rather than skill, it will be forbidden.  

Interesting Gambling Stats

Today, many new online sportsbook and casino venues continue to be established throughout India’s 29 states. With an estimated worth of $60 billion per year, the Indian gambling market is yet to be properly explored, especially when half of that value is considered as made from illegal betting. Another interesting fact is that gambling in India goes into “overdrive” during festival times, which furthers the need for a well-established legal system.

The Future Is Promising

The challenges India faces with fully integrating a well-functioning online gaming system aren’t something new on a global scale. At some point, every country that had adopted Internet sportsbooks and casinos has gone through a number of rigorous processes to establish their validity, and it won’t be any different for India. Regardless of how much time it would take, the public’s demand for a stable online gambling system will prevail. Until that time comes, players will witness history being made.

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