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Galaxy in Turmoil Getting A Demo Next Year

Galaxy in Turmoil Getting A Demo Next Year

For those who don’t know, Galaxy in Turmoil is a fan made game inspired by Star Wars Battlefront. The project was supposed to release on Steam for free, but LucasFilm had to shut it down because of exclusive licensing with EA.

The studio behind the game, Frontwire Studios, decided to continue working on the title in a direction pivoting away from Star Wars, but with the fact that the title won’t be a new Battlefront game meant things might be in trouble. However, recently Frontwire announced that the full demo for Galaxy in Turmoil will be available in the third quarter of 2017. It might sound like a long wait, but the studio said they want to wait till the game is completely playable and bug-free before taking it to the public.

“We refuse to crowdfund until you get the chance to play our demo and decide if you believe in the project enough to support us monetarily,” Romanelli, the President of Frontwire Studios wrote. “So we need to make sure we take as much time as possible to ensure that the demo is everything you could ever want. Rest assured, the demo will still contain a single player story (that I believe will blow you away) and multiplayer game modes with various maps and vehicles.”

“Our current state combines various elements of the classic Battlefront style (space to ground, Battlefront-inspired gamemodes, etc) mixed with our own unique ideas and concepts. While the multiplayer version of the game will be what we would like to call a ‘spiritual successor’ to the Battlefront 1 and 2 games, the single player is best described as a semi-linear adventure game. The player can explore our new and never-before-seen galaxy at their own pace while interacting with the world around them,” Romanelli said. “We are, however, throwing our own mix of homages to the Star Wars franchise in the game that will make true Star Wars fans happy.”

Galaxy in Turmoil is currently in development for the PC. The lack of Star Wars name also means that it might get to see a console release. “Being that the project is no longer a Star Wars game, we are now in talks with Microsoft to bring Galaxy in Turmoil as a free download to Xbox consoles, whereas in the past we would not have been able to release the project for console due to the Star Wars brand and the lack of licensing,” Romanelli added.

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