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G2A Discusses Future Plans On Fox Business Network’s Worldwide Business With kathy ireland

G2A Discusses Future Plans On Fox Business Network’s Worldwide Business With kathy ireland

G2A, a gaming and financial technology company, was recently a guest on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. The show, which aired as sponsored programming on Fox Business Network on December 17th 2016, features G2A CEO and co-founder, Bartosz Skwarczek, as well as CIO and co-founder, Dawid Rozek, chatting about G2A’s past, present, and most importantly, future endeavors.

G2A CEO and CIO sit down with Kathy Ireland to discuss just what the future holds for G2A.COM. Although still very much a gaming marketplace, G2A has grown far beyond its gaming roots, investing heavily in the past few years into its payment gateway, G2A Pay. On the show, Bob Voermans, Executive Vice President of Global Payments, explains the virtues of G2A Pay, from the simple one-step integration, to the virtual G2A e-wallet, to the 150 different payment methods offered. The passion G2A holds for its various products and projects is clearly seen on Worldwide Business, as various managers at the company discuss the products and projects they are passionate about, including G2A 3D Plus, an all-in-one printing solution, and G2A Land, a virtual reality amusement park.

The G2A story, from beginning to present, was told on Fox Business Network, an American business and financial news channel streamed to approximately 74 million US households. FBN, owned by the Fox Entertainment Group (a division of 21stCentury Fox), is the go-to channel for business news in the US, along with CNBC. Worldwide Business with kathy ireland, a part of the Fox Business lineup for over a year, has played host to a myriad of successful companies, including Dell Inc., Allianz Global Assistance, and American Express. Now, G2A has stepped up to the plate and shared its business story and insights on the program.

G2A was excited to let both customers and partners take a sneak peek into the inner workings of G2A.COM and learn of the company’s plans for future expansion.

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