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The Four Kings Casino And Slots – Review

The Four Kings Casino And Slots – Review

Described as a rich, social online multiplayer casino gaming experience, Digital Leisure’s The Four Kings Casino and Slots (which is available for PC, MAC and PS4) comes packed with features that immerse players into the exciting world of gambling without the hassle of actually having to leave the house.

At its core, the social experience provides online gamblers with a place to spend free chips on some of their favourite games all the while providing a platform to meet new people (and show off some of their hard-earned in-game rewards). The Four Kings Casino looks to provide their audience with the royal treatment, and in many ways, they succeed quite royally. Let’s break down what The Four Kings can offer you.

Graphics – 9.5/10

Featuring quite a stylized approach to graphics, The Four Kings Casino presents players with a well-detailed world built around rich character models, clothing, and environments. Adding to the charm is a wide range of light-hearted social interaction options which are made even more charming through the use of amusing animations, that really take the game to a new level in terms of immersion.

Music/Sounds – 8.5/10

When it comes to audio, The Four Kings excels at creating a balance between ambient noises and other sound effects, leaving players with a backdrop that is not intrusive but rather is just another piece of the puzzle that is immersion. In particular, the level of detail put into the sound effects in this free-to-play game really surprised me, with the effort extending all the way to different walking sounds for various floor types (eg. walking on stone vs walking on carpet) which just adds to the overall feel of the game.

Gameplay – 9/10

An aspect where The Four Kings truly shines is the gameplay itself. The Four Kings Casino mimics the feel of modern online casino gameplay and, whether it’s slots or poker, provides an experience that caters for gamblers of all kinds. From seasoned veterans to complete newcomers, the games are presented in an easy to learn fashion and the game excels in providing gamers with the tools to learn at their own pace so that they do not end up feeling overwhelmed. In addition, earning free chips is simple and easy, though it can be time consuming, so although the VIP bonuses can be a great investment they are not essential for all players.

Story – 8/10

Being, at its core, an MMO, it should be unsurprising that the storyline presented in The Four Kings is more open-ended than in other games. With extensive customisation options, and more unlocked through regular gameplay and in-game rewards, players are constantly evolving in their stay at the Four Kings and player progression is something that is both easy and accessible to all players.

Fun Quotient – 9.5/10

The most important part of any review: is the game fun. In short, yes. The Four Kings provides a unique take on both the free-to-play casino game model as well as the MMO genre and combines the two in a way that immerses players into the world of online gambling in a way few other games can replicate. With an extensive focus on the social nature of gambling, rather than pushing for microtransactions, The Four Kings Casino and Slots provides a unique place for gamblers to interact with one another, all the while having access to their favourite casino games.

Final Verdict: 8.9/10

The Four Kings presents a social hub where players can interact with other personalised avatars but it is much more than that. The Four Kings provides a social platform for players to get together as they either learn the ropes of some of the most popular casino-style games, or a VIP experience for high-rollers to show off their skills.

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