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Five Games You Can Play On The Samsung C9 Pro

Five Games You Can Play On The Samsung C9 Pro

I think there is an inexhaustible supply of phones in today’s day and age. Almost everyday I see an ad in the newspaper for a new phone being launched into the market and I’d be completely lost if I was to buy a new phone right now. It’s hard to figure out which phone is worth your money just because of the sheer number of phones in the market. However there are some phones that are worth every penny, and one such phone is the Samsung C9 Pro. This phone offers a premium feel at an affordable price. Here is a little of what Jasmeet had to say about this phone.

“The Galaxy C9 Pro attempts to correct everything that was wrong with the Note 7, and goes one step ahead. At the price point of INR 37,000, it is an absolute beast. The design, build, display and features have a premium feel, and the internal specs make sure the phone offers a flagship experience for a mid-range budget. If you want a powerful phone and the camera doesn’t mean make or break for you, the C9 Pro is an incredible choice.” — Jasmeet Singh

You can see the full review here.

The phone has good battery life, 6GB of RAM, 64 gigs worth of space and a beautiful 6 inch AMOLED display, which are essentially ingredients for an intense gaming session. On that note, here are five games that you can play with complete ease on the C9 Pro.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5 is among the most downloaded android games and is awarded as the best FPS game for android. The game features both single and multiplayer options. You can play along with your friends and test your skills against another squad in multiplayer combat. This game has really good graphics, so you’d need a phone with decent RAM and a good CPU.

With the C9 Pro you can play this game all day long as the phone is backed with a 4000mAh battery. This means that you don’t have to go looking for a plug point every few hours instead you can sit comfortably and enjoy the game.

Price: Free
Platforms: Android | iOS

N.O.V.A 3

Not only do you get to play a game of this quality that’s entirely free with no in-app purchases, but are also treated to a brilliant game. Not sure how Gameloft came to this decision, but we’re glad they did. NOVA 3 is a sci-fi FPS game where you fight aliens and save earth as we know it. There are 10 campaign mode missions with various weapons and vehicles that you can use to complete your tasks.

This game is graphically intensive and may take a toll on your phone, but with the 6GB of RAM on the C9 Pro, this one should be an absolute breeze.

Price: Free
Platforms: Android iOS

Telltale Games

Telltale Games develop and publish user-driven stories for video games. These games usually plays itself and occasionally asks the user to join in and walk around, fight or make decisions. It feels a bit more like an interactive movie than a video game but that doesn’t take away from the general enjoyment of these games.

Even though Telltale games don’t graphically demand a lot from your phone, they do eat up a lot of the space on your phone. But with the C9 Pro you don’t have to worry about a thing, with 64 gigs of space, which is expandable to 256, this aspect is totally covered.

Game of Thrones: Android | iOS
Tales from the Borderlands: Android | iOS
The Walking Dead: Android | iOS
The Wolf Among Us: Android | iOS
Batman – The Telltale Series: Android | iOS


Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is your typical RPG but with so many elements that keep you glued to it. Set in a Viking inspired world with amazing hand-drawn animation sequences and an art style inspired the Disney film, Sleeping Beauty, Banner Saga’s main focus lies in the decisions that the player makes as they traverse across the harsh cold world where they will meet new potential allies or enemies.

Phones tend to heat up a lot while playing games such as this one, but the C9 Pro doesn’t let the heat get to it (see what I did there?). We’ve put this phone through long hours of gaming and it kept it’s cool (see what I did there again?).

Price: Rs. 330
Platform: Android | iOS


Real Racing 3

In my opinion, the best car racing game on mobile phone. Real Racing 3 came out in 2013 but still manages to retain players with new content through it’s various updates. It lives up to its name as it is the most realistic car racing game right now. It features over 100 cars by various manufacturers, numerous game modes and digital versions of real race tracks. There are over 2000 events with varying rules and types of races, which make this game the absolute best!

Some phones don’t do this game justice. Real Racing 3 is absolutely gorgeous and if you don’t have a decent display, you might miss out on just how fine this game is. On the C9 Pro’s 6 inch screen and super AMOLED display you can easily see how well laid the textures are.

Price: Free
Platform: Android | iOS

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