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Final Fantasy XV Coming To PC In Glorious 4K

Final Fantasy XV Coming To PC In Glorious 4K

We knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. And it seems like the wait is getting shorter. Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will indeed be coming to the PC in 2018. Don’t believe us, check out the trailer below:

The PC version of the game will have 4K textures, will support Dolby Atmos, and be heavily laden with NVIDIA GameWorks effects, including NVIDIA HairWorks, NVIDIA Flow, NVIDIA VXAO and more. It promises to be the definitive edition of the game, and needless to say, will look a lot better than its console version. A final release date is yet to be announced, but we’re still excited. Also, here’s to hoping that all the NVIDIA features are well optimized!

In the meanwhile, feast your eyes upon these magnificent screenshots:

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