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FIFA 20 – Review

FIFA 20 – Review

Another year goes by and with it another FIFA title rolls its way into our lives. FIFA 20 tries to shake things up this time though with a brand new game mode that is essentially a whole game on its own in Volta Mode. But with FIFA, it’s always a lot of good stuff mixed in with some frustrating and bad stuff.

FIFA 20’s gameplay is in my opinion much better than its previous iteration. Instead of being extremely slow or extremely fast paced, games to me felt rather balanced which gave you enough time on the ball to build up plays but also had blistering moments of counter-attacking and lobbed through balls that would slice open the defense of opposite side.

Defending has been improved thanks to the Active-Touch tackling system which has made timed challenges much more worth it. However, attackers are also giving their share of buffs as they have a much improved 1v1 system that gives attackers much better control of the ball in those situations allowing them to get past opponents if they have the skill.

However, one change that I really liked this time around was the new Freekick and Penalty System. The freekick system is great because you have a much better way of controlling how you want to hit the ball and where you want it to go. Instead of just guessing where to aim and using the stick to hopefully get the right spin on the ball, you have much more control of it now allowing you to take some spectacular freekicks.

Penalty kicks have also been improved with a mix of proper aiming system and a timed mechanic making them much easier to aim but still hard to master.

Let’s move onto the brand new stuff though. Volta Mode is the Street Football mode. You’ve got a story mode that replaces “The Journey” where you rise to the top of the street football world, you’ve got an online league in Volta League, you’ve got offline tournaments around the world in Volta Tour and Volta Kick-off where you can play as any real-lie world team in Street Football. Volta also has a bunch of game types like 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5. The various game modes like House Rules, Survival and Futsal further make this gamemode very exciting to get into and play,especially with friends.

Now, if you’re a fan of FIFA’s Career Mode then there’s bad news for you. As of this moment, it is pretty broken and buggy making it really hard to play. While it does feature a new Custom Manager Creator and Press Conferences and all, the latter gets very repetitive. However, EA has stated that they are working on a patch to fix these somewhat game breaking issues and that it will take a bit before they send out that patch since it will require proper testing.

Besides that major issue, it’s pretty much a FIFA game as you’d expect. You’ve got great music, FUT if that’s your thing and great visual presentation especially with the league specific branding that really feels immersive. 

If you’re a fan of FIFA then you know exactly what you’re getting. If you’re somewhat new to the football or to FIFA in general then this is a great game to start off with because of Volta Mode which makes the game accessible to new players. But if you’re in it for the Career Mode, just hold on a little bit because they’re going to be fixing the game very soon.

Score –  8.5/10

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