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Extinction – Review

Extinction – Review

Take Attack on Titan and mash it up with a fantasy world that is rich with Orcs and you get Extinction. Not the term, but the game. But also actual extinction in the game because Big Boy Orcs are trying to make the human race go extinct. Developed by Iron Galaxy and Published by Modus Games, Extinction is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. So is this game a good homage to Attack on Titan and Shadow of the Colossus or is it just a gigantic clone that fails to show up, let’s find out.

The game has you play as Avil, who is part of an elite group of soldiers known as the Sentinels who have been tasked to protect cities and kill the Ravenii who are bloodthirsty monsters that are 150 feet tall. You’re one of the last few Sentinel’s left and you must do your best to protect the remaining human population by killing enemies and rescuing the trapped villagers. You do this with the help of your sword which can be charged up to deal massive damage to the Ravenii and a combat system that allows for a lot of verticality which is required to fight off the gigantic beasts. That’s basically it for the story and premise of the game, it is not very complex or deep as one might think. It’s interesting enough to draw you in but then fails to provide any sort of narrative or character plot that will help keep you playing the game to learn more.

The gameplay is quite simple. I felt like it had three steps in its gameplay loop. The first step is to fight smaller enemies. The second step is to rescue villagers. The third step is to fight Ravenii. And that literally sums up the entirety of the game. It lacks any sort of depth or creativity. From the normal enemies, locations and Ravenii to the combat system, the game is hampered by a severe lack of variety. The villages you go to are randomly generated to keeps things fresh but end up looking bland and similar to the places you’ve already been to. The Ravenii look similar with a small variety in the armor that they don but that’s about it. Not to mention the combat system which has a time based combo system that you can use but it’s quite shallow and not very robust, there’s not much for you to master. Even the Skill tree is very bland and doesn’t have anything exciting or game-changing.

The visual presentation is good with a blend between cartoony and realistic which we’ve seen from a lot of games and this game seems to pull it off quite well. The audio is a hit or a miss. Certain things like the swing of your sword and the destruction of buildings sound good while the collision and impact sounds fall flat at times. The soundtrack felt generic and bland but it felt like it was doing just enough to maintain the feel of the game. The voice acting itself is good but the characters sounded flat and you never really felt any concern or any real emotion for them or from them which was quite the shame.

Extinction is a game that tries to take elements from Attack on Titan and Shadow of the Colossus to pay homage to them while making its own mark. Sadly, it lacks variety and depth to it. Even if you’re fans of those titles, it’s quite hard to recommend this game at the full price of $60. However, this could be worth it after a significant discount.

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