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Expert Pool Gamers and Their Skills and Knowledge


A pool game player doesn’t need to know all of physics and mathematics. But there are a large number of people out there who have exceptional knowledge of the angles of hitting a ball. Most of them sharpen their skills by playing practice games initially. 

Ultimately, the spin and techniques begin to be a part of their intuition. Expert gamers do not even need to think much about their next shots as everything related to the game becomes a part of their daily life. These games are an amalgamation of art and science. Besides, your judgement and decision-making help you rule this domain.

Tricks and Methods Used by Expert Gamers

The tricks and techniques used by famous players are a major attraction for pool enthusiasts. For example, you would be amazed to see the charm of Andy Segal’s trick shot on ESPN. He is famous for his four-jump shots where he angles his stick in the air followed by thrusting it downward while leaning his body over the table. The spinning cue ball jumps into the air and taps each of the 10 lined-up balls one after another before striking his target ball into the pocket. 

Expert players play many types of shots including bank shots, carrom shots, cut shots, combination shots and field goals.

Pool Games and Science

Pool games use physics and mathematics. Pool shots are like a case study for students of physics and maths. In many universities, research papers on billiards and geometry surfaces have become a part of the syllabus. 

A professor of Colorado State University has written an article describing the relationship between sports and science. He describes the equilibrium of the cue ball being struck with different forces working on each curve shot.

Davis Alciatore stated in his papers, these shots and tricks work as a normal feeling to the players. Substantial practice and their attempts to learn the new skills have made this game a part of their routine and behaviour. Learning the techniques, increasing your experience by rapid practice sessions is the main secret. It pushes the players to reach the stage where they can instantly visualise their shots in a match.

Alciatore has divided the trick shots into two categories and named them as setup shots and skill shots. A skill shot needs a skilful shooter with a lot of experience and techniques, whereas a set-up shot can be played by a newbie as well. 

Modern Solution to the Common Problem

But what about the people who feel attracted to the game but do not find the right place to play it? Or those who play just for recreation? Well, this is where 8 ball pool download options for Android and laptops comes into the picture. Nowadays you don’t need to visit a stick pool club to play pool. Online gaming is ruling the world and you too can play pool online. Just go for an 8 ball pool game download and play the game on your smartphone.


So what are you waiting for? Download pool Game app and start playing and imitating expert players’ trick shots and techniques. 


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