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Games Now Dropping Denuvo Before Launch?

Games Now Dropping Denuvo Before Launch?

Denuvo was a big deal back in 2016, especially after the group 3DM deemed it “uncrackable” and said that no protected games would appear online for at least 2 years. However, soon, we saw leaks of pirated footage of Rise of the Tomb Raider, and surprisingly, the game was cracked indeed. Since then, a lot of Denuvo-protected games have been cracked, sometimes within the week of release.

The situation was the worst when Total War: Warhammer II was released, and cracked WITHIN HOURS. Even after Warhammer II, the situation keeps getting worse. Shadow of War, another major title protected by Denuvo got cracked one day after launch. In the wake of these events, we have to wonder; how is Denuvo still a thing? And for the devs and publishers the question becomes: Is it worth the investment if the games are going to be cracked this soon regardless of the protection?

And this, my friends, brings us to The Evil Within 2. The game released last week to positive reviews on Steam and guess what? It doesn’t have Denuvo, which is quite interesting, as players who had received a pre-release copy of the game had confirmed that the game was in fact, Denuvo-protected. If Bethesda had chosen to implement Denuvo in titles like DOOM and Prey, why remove it from The Evil Within 2 at the last minute? Does this mean that the publishers are finally beginning to lose their faith in the anti-piracy tech that at one time was said to be the doom of pirates?

You can express your opinion about Denuvo and piracy in the comments section. In case you’re wondering about what others have to say, you can check out this Reddit thread.

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