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The Dumbest Video Game Questions That Indian Gamers Ask

The Dumbest Video Game Questions That Indian Gamers Ask

Gamers can sometimes ask the dumbest questions, and here we have a list of the dumbest video game questions that gamers ask. These are queries we get in messages on our Facebook page, or we see in our comments. We’ve also tried to answer these questions to the best of our abilities, but some of these are so dumb, we honestly may have no answer.

Q – How to download GTA V for mobile?
Ans – Go right here please.

Q – Why do so many game characters have such tiny heads?
Ans – The smaller head suggests that they have a significantly larger dicks, and thus is a subtle way to suggest that these characters are virile and know how to satisfy a woman. It’s a fact. Go shrink your heads.

Q – Where the hell are Gordon Freeman’s legs?
Ans – Like always, Freeman refuses to answer.

Q – Why is there a hot American woman on the cover of an article about Indian gamers?
Ans – It’s what we all aspire for. For those who aspire otherwise, here’s a hot Indian man.

Q – What’s the deal with War? Does it change or not?
Ans – This is a tough one, and we have two very different answers.
Fallout – War Never Changes.
Metal Gear Solid – War has changed.

Q – Is the DOOM guy in hell just fighting monsters forever?
Ans – Rip and tear, until it is done. – It’s yet to be done.

Q – When is Half Life 3 coming?
Ans – When you stop buying hats, knives and skins. Burn down DOTA 2, CS:GO and TF2, and Half Life 3 will rise from their ashes.

Q – Why are 90% of the main characters in FPS games 3 feet tall?
Ans – They aren’t. The camera isn’t located on the head.

Q – Why is Dark Souls so difficult?
Ans – Please go back to playing Call of Duty.

Q – How do you play video games?
Ans – We don’t. We just complain about them.

Q – How to play PUBG offline?
Ans – Jump off a plane with a hundred other people.

I’m sure all of you found this very useful. If you did please send me money.

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  1. Why is Dark Souls so tough?

    Answer should have been Git gud!

    Disappointed in you people.


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