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Darkwood Is The Most Terrifying Game You Will Ever Play, And It’s Not What You Expect

Darkwood Is The Most Terrifying Game You Will Ever Play, And It’s Not What You Expect

I am not a big fan of horror games for rather obvious reasons – I get shit scared! So when I first saw Darkwood, I thought this was a game that I could handle – the top down perspective and the lack of jump scares had me thinking that there was no way this game could get really scary. I was dead wrong.

Deadwood is a top down horror game with rogue-like elements. The game relies on its dark, foreboding and oppressive atmosphere to keep tensions high at all times – finding shelter and surviving another day feels like a huge relief. You are tasked with exploring and scavenging by day while you try to hunker down and defend your home-base during the night. A limited cone of vision and line of sight always keeps you on edge. During nights, while you’re cowering inside your home, the sounds outside are terrifying and every passing night feels like a huge success.

The game’s use of sound and lighting is top-notch, and the game is absolutely dripping with atmosphere.

Darkwood is developed by Acid Wizard Studio and is available now for PC. You can buy it on Steam.

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  1. The devs are giving this game away for free.
    Check out here for more details :


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