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Cyberpunk Red : A bridge between 2020 and 2077

Cyberpunk Red : A bridge between 2020 and 2077

The 4th Corporate War’s over and the big dogs have retreated to their corners to lick their wounds. That leaves everyone else to fend for themselves in a shattered world.
And that’s just fine. ‘cause you’ve got interface plugs in your wrists, metal in your limbs, and chips in your skull. You’re wired in, loaded with chrome, and ready to take it to the Edge.
There’s a world full of opportunities out there. Maybe this time you can do more than save yourself. Maybe.

If the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer was the only one you had your eyes on this E3, then you’re gonna be super pumped to hear about the official prequel. It’s called Cyberpunk Red and is the latest version of the original Tabletop RPG, Cyberpunk 2020. CD Projekt Red have worked in collaboration with R. Talsorian Games to make a common timeline for the original Cyberpunk (Cyberpunk 2013) to Cyberpunk 2020 to Cyberpunk Red to Cyberpunk 2077.


Red starts up where the last game left off, somewhere during the middle of the end of the 4th Corporation War (2022) and lasts till where the new video game picks up, 2077. Red aims to show how the world picked itself up after the almost cataclysmic war and how it turned into the world that we see in the video game. Character classes will be a little bit different from the usual but the underlying mechanics should remain constant.

Red will use the Interlock system which is the same one used in the Witcher TRPG. Though the developers admit that making the two compatible would take quite a bit of work, they don’t rule it out just yet.

Mike Pondsmith, the original developer and writer for the Dark Future series is also taking the lead on this series reassuring fans that consistency across decade spanning games won’t be a problem. It’ll be released in early August and will be available through most major retailers. A retail price hasn’t been released as of yet. A starter pack with pre generated characters, special dice, new world lore and some more stuff has been announced. It’ll be launched at Games Con, the largest tabletop convention of the US on 1st August. Since the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit will have updated lore, this’ll be the first look at the canon of the CD Projekt release.

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