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Could We Be Playing Nintendo NX Games On the Playstation 4?

Could We Be Playing Nintendo NX Games On the Playstation 4?

There have been various rumors going around as to what Nintendo’s upcoming console Nintendo NX will be, and what it will be capable of delivering. Now, in a flurry of fresh new rumors, it’s being said that the mystery console may now be compatible with PCs, smartphones, and even competing consoles such as the Playstation 4.

We do realise how improbable that sounds, but lets get on with the story first.

It started when Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki drew attention to an analyst’s report claiming Nintendo even plans to allow the NX to work with the Sony PS4, in some capacity.

The unofficial information came from David Gibson of Macquarie Research Japan and as thus, the unlikely-sounding interactivity should be treated as rumour at this stage.

Previous reports have suggested there’ll be cross-compatibility with the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS consoles, but another company’s platform? Well, that’s a different matter altogether.

Adding fuel to the fire was a marketing survey posted by research company GfK, which appears to detail some pertinent information relating to the Nintendo NX and its purported features. From 4K streaming to 60fps support, the alleged info dump teases the way in which the gameplay will “flow between Nintendo NX console and [its] handheld device.”

The jury’s still out on what exactly Nintendo is cooking up for its spiritual successor to the Wii U. Gunning to create “a new experience” that is unlike anything the company has designed before, there’s plenty of possible avenues Nintendo NX could take, and we’ll surely find out some tangible details at E3 2016.

For now, here’s the purported marketing survey per NeoGAF:


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