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A Closer Look at Online Cricket Betting in India

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Cricket in India has surely gained in popularity throughout the years, and this has lead to a surge in online cricket betting. If you’ve always loved Indian cricket, but are an online betting newbie, here’s a look at types of cricket bets, some top cricket betting websites, as well as tips on betting strategies. 

Types of Fundamental Online Cricket Bets 

Match betting is one of the most common types of cricket betting. The aim here is to identify which of two teams will prevail in each match. This can relate to a One Day International (ODI) or single games. Your odds are weighted so your payout received for a winning favorite is less than even money. Also, a winning underdog pays more than 1-to-1. 

Outright winner bets is a form of futures bet played in tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup. Your goal here is to predict a tournament winning team and not just for one match. There are countless sides to select from, so choosing a winning side is not that simple. 

With tied matches, bookmakers enable wagering on the fact that your test matches may end with a draw. Tied matching can also be utilized with match betting as a hedge for when unforeseen circumstances could end the match, before a winner can be declared. 

Series winner betting occurs when your team plays a series, instead of one match. The goal of this form of betting is to wager on the series winner, by choosing which side will perform the best in a series of up to five games. 

Types of Prop Online Cricket Bets 

Also referred to as proposition bets, you can split these between win toss bets, toss combination bets, first innings score bets, and match score bets. Win toss bets doesn’t depend on the prevailing team at the conclusion of a match, tournament, or even a series. The goal here is just to foresee the winning team when a new match commences. 

Toss combination betting has more odds than your win toss bets. This type enables you to also select the team that gets first dibs on bowling and batting. You’d have to predict both aspects right to win here and receive your payout. 

First innings score bets is a bit of an even wager that is limited to your team’s totality when your first innings ends. Match score bets occur when there’s a wager on all the runs your team has made at the conclusion of a single match. You don’t have to select a specific number here, but rather a range. This type of betting is certainly challenging, as the odds of predicting a total run range is quite high. 

Top Online Cricket Betting Websites 

If you’re looking for the best cricket betting sites in India, look no further. Casino Live Betting has probably the best cricket betting guide on the internet. Websites such as ComeOn, Casumo, Royal Panda, Betway, 10Cric, and LeoVegas receive mentions here as some of the best cricket betting sites in India. 

Tips on Online Betting Strategies 

Having a winning strategy with online cricket is a necessity if you want to win. You’ll have to ascertain the history and stats of your players and teams. If you’re not sure where to obtain this information, you can find it on the Indian Premier League website. 

Reduce the scope of your betting by choosing a specific league. For instance, you could choose the Indian Premier League, as this makes for easier research. Try first zooming in on domestic play, as this will also be thoroughly reported in the media and online. 

Match betting is by far the bedrock of online cricket betting. Here you should commence handicapping with conditions of the ground and pitch, historical trends, weaknesses, your team’s form, and weather forecasts. Note that handicappers will also look for the best odds and compare bookmaker pricing, prior to placing a bet. 

Remember that when your research the condition of the ground and pitch, the pace of your outfield can affect the number of boundaries scored as well as your defenses. Also, a pitch that has the capacity to break up progressively during a match may be advantageous to some bowlers. Remember that weather conditions are subject to change throughout each match, and may be beneficial to one team and disadvantageous to another during various stages of a match. 

You should also shop around at several betting sites. Researching what different bookmakers are predicting prior to matches, can also help you develop a great online betting strategy. Remember that great teams will create low odds across a wide market range. 

However, note that the disparities between various online betting websites can be huge. Prioritize finding your best prices. This may include bonus cash, odds guarantees, possible rebates, and free bets. 

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