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ChromaGun – Review

ChromaGun – Review

You wouldn’t be wrong to think of Portal when you first look at ChromaGun. You would, however be wrong in writing ChromaGun off as a mere Portal clone. While similarities are obvious, ChromaGun does enough things differently and interestingly enough to be worthy of your time.

You arrive at ChromaTec’s test lab, and are untrusted with their ChromaGun – a gun that can shoot colors. You are then tasked with going through a maze of puzzles rooms, all of which require the use of the gun to navigate and exit.

You use the gun to color different surfaces, and a announcer on the PA system is constantly giving you ‘feedback’. The game is fairly light on the story, most of it you’ll be gleaming from the announcer and the environments. There’s still a ton of humor here, and the game does a great job of keeping you engaged till the very end.

In the test chambers you’ll find WorkerDroids that can unlock doors for you. However, they only move towards their corresponding colors. Eg, a red droid will move towards a red surface, and so on. You can shoot three primary colors – red, blue and yellow. You can further mix them to get other colors. There will be occasions when you’ll want to get droids away or towards certain areas, and that’s where you use the ChromaGun. Droids can even attack you when they are far off from their corresponding color.

The puzzles get trickier as you go further. Some surfaces won’t hold color for too long, or an electrified surface is impeding your progress. The puzzles are usually never too tough and you won’t be left head-scratching for too long. There are a few weird difficulty spikes though, some which which even had me looking for a walkthrough.

Overall, Chromagun is a fun puzzle game, which takes clear inspirations from Portal, but very much offers interesting gameplay mechanics of its own to keep you interested throughout.

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