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Check Out Entropy’s Fall, A Game All About Boss Fights

Check Out Entropy’s Fall, A Game All About Boss Fights

Entropy’s Fall is an Action Adventure 2D Platformer entirely focused on a deep, gripping, story and the concept of, what is known to the gaming industry as, Boss Fights. Play as Kayos, a mysterious entity seeking vengeance against a god. Fight your way through massive, colossal, mythical warriors known as the ‘Arafa’ who hold the key to defeating your target. Explore the living planet of ‘Entropy’ known for it’s wonder and beauty.

​Though your cause is guided by the god of justice ‘The Tribunal’, you may be forced to question your purpose, your morality. Will Kayos have revenge? Will The Tribunal have justice? Can the Arafa be beaten? or will it all just lead to Entropy’s Fall?

They are currently campaigning on IndieGoGo. Here is the link:


Vivid Visuals!

When people think ‘Graphics’ 2D games don’t usually come on the top of the list. But with Entropy’s Fall we aim to create a visual atmosphere that hits the players with awesomeness and slingshots their experience. Entropy’s Fall mixes the feel of comic-like stylized characters with a beautiful digitally painted environment style. The contrast leads to a stunning combo that adds to the gameplay!

Gripping Gameplay!

Platformer games are unrealistically accurate in terms of controls and rightfully so. But Entropy’s Fall aims to bring the platforming excitement in a more realistic yet fun approach. Player movement is physics based and animations are smooth and stylish. Players feel the fluidity but the unpredictability of physics gives them an added thrill and challenge!

Bigass Bosses!

The core of Entropy’s Fall is the concept of Boss Fights. The game has no minions or grinding elements. The player’s only enemy will be the Arafa (Boss) at the end of the level. Each one being unique, these Arafa have advanced A.I. mechanics that make the puzzle of defeating them a challenge to say the least.

Lore and Legend!

Entropy’s Fall is a game of contrasts. On an emotional level the story is a simple tale of revenge, duty and sacrifice. Yet on a philosophical level the game intends to deliver unparalleled depth. Games, in our view, are the ultimate art form and we wish to leave a long lasting impact on the players through the art of storytelling.

About PSS

Poor Small Studio is a passionate group of 2 brothers (for now) hell-bent on making games. Sugam and Vansh Kher founded the studio in September 2016 with no prior experience in most of the relevant fields of game development. Learning how to develop a game was their biggest challenge and still an ongoing one yet they still managed to put together the prototype of Entropy’s Fall solely due to their relentless zeal to make this game.

Living in India and being a gamedev is not easy. Not one studio comes to mind instantly when thinking of PC games. PSS aims to make unique and content rich titles for PCs and if possible for consoles unlike the Indian trend of Mobile games.

Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

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    Finally, someone who has the balls to make a difference. Here’s wishing the brothers all the success so that they can bring India into the gaming light.

  2. Profile photo of TotalDimwitTheCynicalTwit

    Yeah, and the game looks pretty cool, hoping to see a lot more of this


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