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“CDPR: NX Will Be Fantastic” – And Here’s Why

“CDPR: NX Will Be Fantastic” – And Here’s Why

In a recent TV interview with Rocket Beans TV, CD Projekt Red’s Communications Manager  Fabian Mario Döehla said that the Nintendo NX is going to be fantastic and they look forward to it. Here is a translation of the small discussion about the next addition to the Nintendo family of consoles (originally in German):

Host: What do you know about NX?
Fabian: It will be fantastic. As developer [CD Projekt] you get access to the hardware and everybody [at CD Projekt] is looking forward. We know things.
Host: Are you lying now?
Fabian: No, no.
Host: Sometimes I cannot tell if you are telling the truth or not.
Fabian: No, no! It was like this in the past as the Wii prototypes came in, back then called “Revolution”. It was so funny that in Japan they were all very excited at the developer studios of SEGA, they thought it was very good. The Europeans took a little longer. Like “Well, maybe this doesn’t work”, you know, because it was technically just a GameCube. It was not much more. But NX what you hear [of the developers] about NX is all very positive.
Host: But the hardware will be much worse than the new Xbox.
Fabian: I think this will never again be the main emphasis in the future [for Nintendo]. Can it [NX] be better than the new Xbox? Take a realistic point of view: is Nintendo able to build a console that has got more power than Xbox?
Host: In theory it is possible.
Fabian: Affordable? Do they have the contacts to the industrial facilities, resources… [Shakes head several times in denial] And what would be the positive outcome? Who is going to develop games for it?


Not a lot has been publicly released about the Nintendo NX, but it may be scheduled to released sometime in March 2017. And while Nintendo is not exactly known for making powerful and graphics intensive consoles, the titles still get their fair share in the limelight. Whether it’s to keep you engaged during your commute or to help you relax in your living room in front of a big screen, Nintendo seems to get it right and hits you in the sweet spot. Right from our childhood, Nintendo has given us joyful memories and it does not plan to retire anytime soon. The NX may just serve as the perfect example for that.

Nintendo has given us some of our favourite childhood characters

Nintendo does not seem to worry whether the NX will be more powerful than the next Sony or Microsoft consoles because they tend to play by their own rules. Lovable characters and fun, immersive stories all culminating into a memorable experience; this has been Nintendo’s MO since the beginning and pretty much the reason why people choose to go back to it year after year, no matter how much they love high-res games.

Of course, there are some more things that Nintendo can do to assure that the NX gets to see a lot more success than its predecessors. Increasing support for third party ports is one way to go.  For them, graphics have always been secondary to the gameplay and story, and it hasn’t proved to be a bad strategy yet. But the numerous delays and lack of new releases for the WiiU over the past few years certainly goes to show that a lot of work needs to be done. Maybe a few more developers to make sure that the content is released more often and in a timely fashion wouldn’t hurt? But like we mentioned, Nintendo does tend to play by their own rules. All we can hope for is that the NX is everything they claim it to be.

What is your opinion on this? Do share with us.

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