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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review

The story starts with you, William Carter, tasked with the delivery of a mysterious package. It slowly builds to a satiating climax a bit inspired from Bioshock 2. Outside the narrative, the switch to third-person works brilliantly. It’s like being a soldier in XCOM, albeit during the agency’s early years. The game revolves around combat, which is well thought out. A radial wheel handles commands, slowing time, but not stopping it. Giving orders and manipulating the environment is a must, as flanked units take extra damage – the brilliant enemy AI will flank you, too. The shooting feels satisfying. The more fun skills are saved for the player: summoning a ball of alien goo that seeks out enemies like an attack dog, mind-controlling even the biggest enemies and turning them against th...

Saints Row IV Review

The Saints Row series has incrementally evolved over the years from being a game similar to Grand Theft Auto, into a game offering the craziest and wackiest open-world adventures this console generation has to offer. Saints Row: The Third threw the open-world video game rulebook out of the window of a moving car, then Saints Row IV reveals a giant hand with the middle finger firmly pointed skywards. However, with a game that appears to give you everything just imagine being in the shoes of the President of the United States. The visuals are one of the few aspects that lets Saints Row IV down. The developers haven’t been shy about the fact that it runs on exactly the same engine as the last game no tweaks, nothing. A few changes to gameplay would have been welcome as now it perhaps looks mo...

Grid 2 Review

A bit late to share our review, Grid 2 is not as famous in India as its contemporaries like Need For Speed & Forza  but still I was pretty eager to get my hands on the GRID 2. Though always a lover of racing simulators I am seriously amazed. Alright, Codemasters have definitely opted to focus on arcade racing – that is clearly evident – but they’ve also succeeded in creating a racing title which is multi-faceted, full of surprises, and just downright fun to play. Grid 2 is all about the racing. Career mode has no unnecessary fluff, presenting you with a list of races and then handing you the keys. There’s a backbone tying it all together – you’re competing in a new racing franchise and must accrue fans in order to boost your reputation – but th...

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