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Would’ve Been Better Off As A Movie: Mafia III Review

Mafia III was a highly anticipated, uber hyped title this year, and much like other uber hyped titles, just as disappointing. Even though it sets out to take the open world style of GTA V to a higher level with a meaningful plot and serious issues, it falls short again, and again, and yet again. Progressing like a documentary movie, Mafia III tells the story of Lincoln Clay, who has just returned to his home in New Bordeaux after serving in the Vietnam War, only to find his family in the midst of an inter-community gang war. The game starts with a heist mission with you trying to rob the Federal Reserve, intermitted by cutscenes that shed some light on the backstory of your character. After this heavily action packed intro, you get to the main storyline where Lincoln’s sole aim is ve...

An Out of The Box Nostalgia Factory : Unbox Review

Ever miss the era of the N64, that gave us golden platformers like Super Mario 64? Well, get ready for a trip down the nostalgia train. Unbox, the adorable, incredibly easy to get into platformer by Prospect Games is everything you love about the old school games. Select the level, collect ’em all and save the day. Here’s the basic premise. You’re a cardboard box named Newbie, and your aim is to save the Global Postal Service (or GPS in short). Facing financial troubles, GPS has created a race of sentient, self-delivering cardboard boxes. That’s right, the postal service is millenniums ahead of its time. I think the reason why the company faces bankruptcy is because of this invention, but who knows? You have to fight the first ever self-aware box created, Wild, and ...

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