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The everyday shenanigans at Gaming Central. Watch us relax with our favorite video games. Join us for fun sessions of gaming. Well, its not always us playing video games, we’ll be working too, but that’s fun as well!

Life at Gaming Central in pics Week 1 Nov 2015

This week started with a quick visit to the Gaming lair of SirFagalot aka Ayush, and I wasn’t surprised to see some amazing comic books and a fun session of Gaming with Hotline Miami, Counter Strike, and Just Cause. As the work week started I played more of Halo 5 Guardians and yes it is a fun game 🙂 In yet another Smartphone launch Samsung launched the On5 & On7, the phone is targeted for the millenials and is a budget phone. The one thing I loved about the launch was the venue, which was F-Bar at CP, New Delhi. A welcome change from boring ballrooms of luxury hotels. and thanks to Microsoft, we have been able to grab the Rise of the Tomb raider before launch and yest it is a lot of fun. We will be sharing more on the game soon 🙂 And we also interviewed Manish and Denis from Naz...

Good Times At Video Game Fest 2015

We had an absolute blast at VGF, 2015 in Bangalore. Here are some of our favorite moments 🙂

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