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Rabbids Big Bang is free on Windows Phone 8

The wacky physics puzzle game Rabbids Big Bang is going free for a limited time in the Windows Phone Store. Rabbids Big Bang takes the absolutely insane creatures from the Rayman series and launches them into space. Take a swing at your fuzzy friend at just the right angle to send them into orbit around neighboring planets. Strategically time your jetpack usage to get all of the objective items, and ultimately unlock tons of bizzarre costumes and batting implements. You can find Rabbids Big Bang here in the Windows Phone Store. Pick this one up soon, as it’s only free until the end of the month. Rabbids Big Bang is also available on Windows 8, though it’ll still cost you $1.49 there. Source: WP Central

King’s Bounty: Legions unleashes on Windows Phone

King’s Bounty: Legions is an exciting addition to the ever growing Windows phone marketplace for a several reasons. For one, it’s a serious strategy game and it’s free to play. More importantly, it supports cloud saves and cross-platform multiplayer via Facebook! You can start playing on Windows Phone and then pick up where you left off on Steam, Facebook, iOS, and Android. Unity support has really helped the cause of Windows phone as a platform as it helps some of the larger mobile games to find their footing when it comes to Windows Phone, even if we still get them later than other platforms.  King’s Bounty is a turn-based strategy series that started its life on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive long ago and continues to thrive on Steam. Build your own legions King’s Bounty thrusts players right ...

Even Cats can play Fruit Ninja

It’s not just humans who like playing Fruit Ninja. Cats in particular seem to love the swipe-to-slash game. This compilation is brought to you, oddly enough, by Fabulous Mr. Pug. Next I think we need a competitive Fruit Ninjatournament to determine the very best Fruit Ninja cat player.P I wish my cat was into playing with my iPad. I tried to get her to take selfies of herself with a dedicated cat-selfie app, but she just gets nervous when I put things under her face and runs to hide under my bed. Actually she tends to get nervous about just about everything and goes to hide under my bed. Dammit, cat, where are my YouTube hits?!P via Tastefully Offensive & Tina  

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 heading to Windows Phone

Here’s some great news for gamers with Windows Phone devices since Gameloft has just announced that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 official game is headed to your phone “in April”. It will join a similar version for iOS and Android, finally giving some respite to Windows Phone user who get games later than their other counterparts. There’s no word if this will be an Xbox LIVE game though our hunch is ‘no’ as Gameloft has been foregoing certification lately (see Asphalt 8, Total Conquest and Minion Rush). Indeed, if Gameloft wants to get this game out in the same week as iOS and Android, it will probably need the freedom offered by it not being an Xbox LIVE title, much to the disappointment of many. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie hits theaters in on May 2nd, giving this game a few weeks breather ...

Danish company Brain+ now launches a powerful app that trains the brain

Developed in collaboration with leading brain scientists from Copenhagen University as well as veterans from the gaming industry, the Brain+ app contains a number of scientifically designed, yet fun and motivating, brain training games that improve the key mental capabilities in the areas of attention, memory, problem solving and planning. The app, which is suitable for people of all ages, is now available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded and tried for free. “Hey, have I seen you on Facebook?” We all know the feeling. You know you have seen someone before, but just cannot recall whether it was tagged in a photo or maybe during that awesome LAN party you went to last month. Nonetheless, memory is an essential partner for successfully navigating socially. Playing most regular comput...

Rovio reveal awesome Angry Birds Dark Souls Trailer

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of Angry Birds? Fun, cute, lovable etc right? Well Rovio used the word “epic” to describe the mood for the new Angry Birds game that they just released a teaser for. The video below shows a medieval suit of armor, which looks like something out of Dark Souls, only to reveal the franchise’s signature red avian is hiding in its helmet. Claiming it to be “the most epic soft launch ever,” Rovio plans to launch this game first in Australia and Canada first then other countries. Rovio also recently announced another Angry Birds game starring a new character, Stella, set to release in fall 2014.   Source:  Emanuel Maiberg    

Flappy Bird featured in GTA IV

Some say it was just a matter of time, others quite taken a back when they saw this. But a new mod has brought the worlds of Flappy Bird and Grand Theft Auto together and the results are quite mind-blowing! YouTube user “taltigolt” published a video today highlighting the creation of modders “julionib” and “quechus13,” wherein the rules of Flappy Bird are applied to Grand Theft Auto IV. Watch the video and you’ll see GTA IV protagonist Niko Bellic wearing a Flappy Bird-style mask and flying through the world, earning points by hitting pedestrians on the head. Running into objects like telephone poles means you die, and your score starts back at zero. The original Flappy Bird–which was withdrawn from app stores worldwide by its creator this mo...

Angry Birds tribute to Gravity

Rovio Entertainment has published a mock-up movie poster for the film Gravity, and as you’d expect is pretty funny. Rovio’s tribute to Gravity states that the movie was directed by  “Alfonso Curedham,” starring “Spamdram Bullock” and “Pork Clooney.” The tag line “Don’t Let Go” is used to describe the movie, which portrays a frightened pig in a space helmet drifting off into space. You’ll will need to see the movie to get it.  An Angry Birds version of Gravity is not underway but Rovio is making an Angry Birds movie itself and has even assembled an all-star cast to bring the animated flick to theaters in 2016.   Source:  Eddie Makuch 

Reliance Games’ ‘Real Steel World Robot Boxing’ creates a stir on Korea’s TStore

Reliance Games’ Superhit mobile game, Real Steel World Robot Boxing, is creating waves on TStore, Korea’s first and the largest mobile contents market. The free-to-play game, which has earned the love and respect of millions of gamers worldwide, has jumped to the No.1 in the ‘Games’ and No. 3 spot in ‘All’ category respectively on T Store.  Commenting on the upswing in the game’s ranking on TStore, Manish Agarwal, CEO of Reliance Games said, “We are very happy to scale a new frontier with Real Steel WRB in the 3rd largest mobile gaming market in the world. Real Steel WRB has proven to be a knock out hit in North America and Europe since its launch in October 2013 with over 10 million monthly actively users. With the constant updates and its engaging game-play, we at Reliance Games are cont...

Sneak Peek of Real Cricket 2014

While team India is being drubbed in New Zealand there’s something exciting cooking right here in India. In a couple of weeks your smartphones is going to be the place where you battle it out with your favorite team. Ok guys lets get to the point 🙂 We are talking about Real Cricket 14, the latest game Nautilus Mobile is working on. Real Cricket 14 will feature various formats of cricket, including 20-20, World Cup, and a Premier League mode that will also allow for player transfers through an in-game auction system. The game has Gripping Bowling and Fielding mechanics. Intelligent Batting and Bowling A.I. Unlike other cricket games available for smartphones, this game promises deep gameplay mechanics, with over 25 batting strokes, and realistic ball physics. The game will also allow ...

Flappy Bird dev removes the popular app

In a bewildering series of events Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has removed his hugely popular app, despite it raking in $50K a day in ad revenue. Why did he take it down? It’s a bit of a mystery, but it sounds like he didn’t like the fame and the throngs of criticism that came with it. “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore,” he tweeted. “I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it,” he wrote in another tweet. Some hypothesise that the game is being removed due to legal issues as Flappy Bird’s assets bear a strong resemblance to those of Mario’s, but Nguyen is adamant that this ...

Is TripTrap The Next Angry Birds?

Angry Birds wasn’t the first “sling an object to break a structure” game. There were others well before it (specifically Crush The Castle) but Angry Birds took that and packaged it in neat graphics, cute characters, slight variations to gameplay and — the most important aspect, in my opinion — the perfect level of difficulty. That’s what TripTrap hopes to bring to the iPhone and iPad, all over again. Meet Jerry Ched The lead character of the game is a hungry mouse named Ched in search of some cheese. And he’ll probably seem familiar to you — the guy is clearly inspired by Jerry from the Tom & Jerry cartoons. In fact, the whole colour scheme and art style of the game will take you back to MGM’s classic cartoon series. But hey, that’s not a bad thing! Ched’s movements and facial expressi...

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