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Call Of Duty: Ghosts all set to be the Most Pre-Ordered Game Of 2013

A few days back, Activision announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts is on track to be the most pre-ordered game of 2013. The latest installment of Infinity Ward’s contribution to the franchise is due out on November 5, 2013. Activision also announced a discount offer for Eminem’s upcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2, also arriving on November 5, 2013. (The offer will be applicable only for US customers at Gamestop Stores.) Our Take on the upcoming Milestone 🙂  Call of Duty continues to be an enormous franchise, and we have no doubt that the game will do well. While gamers in US & UK might favour a next gen version Gamers in India will have to be content with the current gen versions 🙁 The game will also face some serious competetion with Battlefield which is the topic of our ongo...

Grand Theft Auto V Mid-Night Release!

It seems almost surreal that the most anticipated game of the year is just a few days away from being released in India. E-xpress Interactive Software Pvt. Ltd. in association with Games The Shop and Landmark announced the Midnight launch of Grand Theft Auto V. The Mid-Night Launch will take place on 16th September 2013 Night from 11.59 p.m. onwards. All the fans can grab their copies at Games The Shop, Oberoi Mall (Mumbai), Games The Shop Infinity Mall Malad (Mumbai), Games The Shop R City Mall Ghatkoper (Mumbai) Games The Shop Korum Mall (Thane) . Also the Mid Night Launch will take place at Landmark stores in Inorbit Mall (Vashi) and SGS Mall (Pune). Trust us, you don’t wanna miss the Mid-Night launch of one of the most insane game ever, Grand Theft Auto V and be one of the first ...

Metro: Last Light “Developer’s Pack” DLC

The dates for Metro: Last Light’s Developer’s Pack add-on has been declared. It releases September 17 for PSN, Xbox Live and PC in North America, and September 18 for PSN in Europe and the rest of the world. The pack is around $4 and is the result of a test level the developers used to experiment with different weapons and AI during the making of the game. So now all weapons are available, including one that the developer will share details about next week.   The DLC will also feature a “substantial solo mission”, in which the player will have to escape a spider-infested missile solo, according to the company’s blog. “The Spider’s Lair is pure survival, Metro style,” the company writes. “It combines all of our limited resource mech...

Dead Rising 3 to be bigger than 1 & 2 combined

Dead Rising 3’s world is said to be larger than the first two games combined, according to a report from the Financial Post  Capcom Vancouver representatives also mentioned that players are more likely to use vehicles to move around the massive gaming environment for about 50% of the time. Executive Producer, Josh Bridge, said that next generation hardware is making a bigger, more seamless world possible. And this also means that Dead Rising 3 will not have any loading screens between areas. “We wanted to go truly open-world this time around. No more load screens,” said Bridges. “With the biggest world that we’ve been able to make, with loads of zombies.” Release Date for Dead Rising 3 is set for November 22 on Xbox One. Source: gamespot

Revealed: Battlefield 4’s PC system requirements

EA Digital Illusions CE is gearing up for Battlefield 4’s release, and a tweet on the official Battlefield Twitter account today revealed the upcoming first-person shooter’s PC requirements. Players will need at least Windows Vista SP2, though EA recommends Windows 8. The developer also suggests 8 GB of RAM and a six-core AMD processor or an Intel four-core processor for the 30 GB game. You can get all the details in the image below. For more on Battlefield 4, which is headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC, you can check out our coverage of a recent development update chronicling the game’s weapon customization options.

GTA V Map Leaked

For those GTA enthusiasts who are all like-” I’m gonna wait till the game comes out to see what all it has in it”, I am warning you now itself…LOOK AWAY NOW! This is a fairly detailed map that has somehow leaked. We know that this game has a huge environment and that it is bigger than previous editions of GTA, but this does help us estimate the area of the game better. Here’s the map…   Source: IGN

3 Insanely Difficult Video games

This weekend while clearing up my cupboard I came across one truly awesome gadget J Yes my old 8 bit gaming device and nostalgia struck whether it was those endless sessions of Supermario bros or the albeit silly but fun Duck Hunt. There is something which attracts all of us to retro games, maybe it is the novelty factor or maybe the sheer simplicity of graphics and gameplay. Looking back at the golden generation of gaming we’ve compiled a list of 3 insanely difficult video games. I am sure you guys must have played most of them. Do share your thoughts in the comments below. Contra Like most retro entries on this list, Contra doesn’t respect you from the very beginning, which makes for a highly turbulent and frustrating relationship from day one. Poised as a Rambo-like maverick, your...

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Confirmed for 2014 by Ubisoft

Usbisoft has confirmed that Vita spin-off Assassin’s Creed II: Liberation will come out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2014. Original Developer Ubisoft Sofia is undertaking the HD re-release and Ubisoft say that the visuals of Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD have been updated to feature new shaders and improved textures and that all the animation has been improved. The touchscreen elements have been taken out and the game will feature 15 new missions. The remaining missions have been done up again based on player feedback an Ubisoft adds that the game’s free-running has been improved. The game’s HD remake was first heard of last week when a screen of Ubisoft logos leaked online. Along with Libertation HD, the company also confirmed Assassin’s Creed: Pirates for iOS and Android device...

Call of Duty vs. Battlefield is good for Gamers

The ongoing struggle between Call of Duty and Battlefield for the top spot in the first-person shooter sector is a positive for the industry, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau told CVG in a new interview from Gamescom. Gibeau was asked if Battlefield 4 can outsell Call of Duty: Ghosts, to which he said his company’s game will attempt to “lap” Activision’s thanks to new services and innovation. It’s a competition and we feel really good about Battlefield 4, and we have an old saying at EA which is ‘transition is our friend’, and we’re going to try to lap them with new technology, new innovation, and new capabilities. So do I think we’re going to do better than last time? Absolutely. – Frank Gibeau, President, EA labels Gibeau said w...

Final Fantasy XIV PS3 upgrade to PS4 is free

Square Enix has announced that whoever buys Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PlayStation 3 need not have to purchase the game again to play it on PlayStation 4. All character data and records will be carried over, which means that gamers will be able to continue with all the progress they’ve made on the current consoles on to the PS4 when it launches next year. The company has also announced that the beta testing for the PS4 version of the game will start late February next year. Game Director, Naoki Yoshida also confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will support remote play on Vita. Source: IGN

Sony Reveal PS Vita TV

Sony have revealed a lot of stuff at its pre-TGS press conference, and other than the PS Vita redesign, the most surprising aspect had to be the unveiling of the piece of Vita-related hardware. This newest addition is called PS Vita TV, and what it does is let you play Vita games on your T.V…..and some other cool stuff as well. PS Vita TV is a really small piece of hardware, not much larger than a deck of cards. The dimensions are- 6c, by 10cm, and its easily the smallest PlayStation hardware ever. The main idea of the PS Vita TV is to let gamers play Vita games on a big screen using a DualShock 3 controller, but not only that. While this device has card slots for Vita games, and accepts Vita memory cards, it will also let you use video streaming services such as Hulu. It also allows...

Battlefiel 4: Weapons Customization option

DICE are really making this one count and are really raising the bar for FPS’. The firearm options have been expanded in Battlefield 4, providing soldiers with a variety of customization options for the weapons. To get a fair idea of how much DICE has done with this aspect and worked to improve the game, the amount of accessories has tripled for each gun plus each firearm has an increased amount of accessory slots now. A single assault rifle has the potential for 240,000 different set-ups in Battlefield 4. There are also many camouflage patterns to choose from, with 16 different sub-options for each pattern. There’s even adaptive camouflage that changes depending on the map you’re playing on. Snipers too have a variety of options to go through. Stuff like expanded scopes and th...

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