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Can Real Cricket 20 Capitalise on the Sport’s Moment in the Spotlight?

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Cricket and many other sports may be facing an uncertain time due to rather pressing global concerns at the moment, but fans can perhaps take comfort in the fact there are so many great games out there which are based on the pastimes.

In fact, a particularly intriguing new addition to the mobile gaming world came just last month, with Nautilus Mobile introducing the latest entry in its ever-popular Real Cricket series of titles.

Exciting new features

Launched in early February, Real Cricket 20 is now available for both iOS and Android and has brought some fairly exciting features to the table. As explains, it includes the option for players to get involved in PvP, 2v2 matches – an option which the developers claim is a first for mobile cricket games.

Furthermore, players also have the chance to broadcast their matches to friends thanks to a spectator mode, while they are also able to undertake Co-Op matches which see them compete against an AI opponent.

New game modes are also included, as well as female commentary options, new stadiums and many other intriguing touches.

A big moment for the sport

The release of the game is certainly exciting and the chances are that Nautilus will be hoping for big things considering the huge profile that the sport has enjoyed in recent years.

For example, the thrilling finale to last year’s Cricket World Cup served up a host of excitement which really put a focus on some of the best attributes of the one-day version of the sport. Elsewhere, a gripping Ashes series showed test cricket is alive and well, while the Indian Premier League serves up so much action week after week. Such thrills have also led to a growing interest in cricket betting too, with for example highlighting how some major brands now offer odds on the latest matches and competitions.

Of course, Real Cricket 20 is just the latest chapter in cricket’s long relationship with the video gaming world. The Brian Lara Cricket series of games was a huge hit on a number of consoles and effectively showcased how the sport could be seamlessly adapted into an exciting video game, while Stick Cricket has provided some simple pleasures to many through the years. However, the release of Real Cricket 20 specifically demonstrates just how massive mobile gaming is at the moment, as well as the standard of graphics and gameplay that can now be achieved on both tablet and smartphone devices.

High hopes

The launch of a new cricket game is always an exciting time and hopes will be high that Real Cricket 20 can go on and prove to be a big success with fans of the sport who are based across the world.

While it would have to go a long way to surpass Brian Lara, its range of features mean there is certainly plenty of potential for it to add its name to the list of classic cricket games which have been released through the decades.

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