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Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max?

Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max?

We’ve played around with a bunch of games over the last few years, and even with their busy release schedule and line-up of phones, Samsung still manages to surprise us with great smartphones on a regular basis. Their flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8, has spoiled us on what we expect from flagships, and their mid range phones continue to deliver a reliable and satisfying experience. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max keeps the same trend going. With specs that justify the asking price, a sleek design, and clean, intuitive UI, the J7 Max is an excellent pick as your next smartphone.

Here are some of the features that we absolutely love about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max:

The Camera

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max comes with a 13MP front and rear camera, and they both capture some great pictures. Image quality is rather nice and colors are accurate and vibrant. It’s not the best camera for low lights, but at this price you really can’t do better. The camera also comes with some Social features which allows you to play around with some filters and send pictures to friends using the Instant Share option. Also, we’ve been using the camera in an unconventional manner, as the camera for our Facebook livestreams. The quality is excellent, connects easily via PC and works really well with a green-screen.

Battery Life

The 3300mAh Li-Ion battery in the J7 Max is more than enough to last you through the day. I used it extensively to play game and watch movies while travelling to and from work, while having it displaying website analytics while at work. And then we would use it as the livestream camera, which meant having it shooting video for over an hour. And the battery would still last the whole day, with maybe half hour of charging required during the day.


Like I mentioned earlier, I did play a ton of games on the J7 Max, most of them being new ones with pretty visuals. Playing Injustice 2 and Iron Blade was a smooth and enjoyable experience, with no stutters or heating issues. Streaming games from the J7 Max is also easy with no hits to performance. There might be occasional hitching with very few games, but those instances were insignificant for the most part.

The New UI

One of my major griped with previous Samsung smartphones was the unpleasant UI and design. However, the new Samsung Experience (yes, TouchWiz is gone) is much cleaner and offers a pleasant user experience overall. Samsung has taken inspirations from other Android UIs and the end result benefits the user. I still wish they would do away with some of the bloatware, but it’s still a step in the right direction nonetheless.


For the Galaxy J7 Max, Samsung ditches the Snapdragon or their own Exynos, instead opting to go with MediaTek MT6757 Helio P20 chipset, an 8 core processor that excels at multitasking and gaming. Even with multiple apps open in the background, the Galaxy J7 Max has been more than capable of holding its own.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max here for Rs. 17,900/-

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