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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Xbox 360 First Look


The next full-fledged Borderlands game is the Pre-Sequel is being built for Xbox 360 by 2K Australia and is slated for release later this year.

Tony Lawrence is the head of Xbox Australia, tells the folks at Total Xbox what the Pre-Sequel is all about. And this is where things start to go right. It’s a fan-pleaser. “It’s about how Handsome Jack became the Handsome Jack we know from the second game,” he explains. “It’s about his beginnings, and the things that he does on the way that help turn him into the maniacal, psychotic tyrant that we know. We go from his beginnings, as a guy who wants to bring order, through to a guy who wants fame, fortune and mayhem.”

You don’t play Handsome Jack. He’ll be taking more of an advisory ear-piece role in your adventures. At launch there’ll be four playable characters doing Jack’s increasingly dirty work, and tracing their own paths to the dark side. The big news is that one is Claptrap, in a character class of his own called Fragtrap – although Gearbox and 2K are maddeningly contradictory as to whether you’re playing as the Claptrap or just a Claptrap. Either way, we’re probably going to discover what prompted Handsome Jack to wipe them out. The second of the four is Nisha the Lawbringer, who isn’t being discussed. The other two are more familiar.

First up is Wilhelm The Enforcer, who appears as a key-guarding enemy in Borderlands 2. At that stage in Wilhelm’s sad life, he’s an over-sized Loader – those gibbering, fork-armed robots, who narrate their own actions and advertise their crit spot with a literal red light.

The final new hero was introduced in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx expansion for the original Borderlands. Athena was a mission-giving NPC and former Assassin for the Crimson Lance, and was tricked into killing her own sisters by the Atlas Corporation. That was Athena before her time as Jack’s Lieutenant in The Pre-Sequel, so it’s safe to say she comes to the adventure with some emotional baggage.

Source: TotalXbox

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